Attune yourself to the cycle of the day, the circle of life and the endless connection in between at The Circle of Connection Spa – a haven of wholeness where self, senses and surroundings unite in infinite harmony. On Desroches Island, nothing is linear and everything is interconnected.
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Every Day
10:00 am – 7:00 pm


Spa Services

Discovery Massages

Relax and recover with a wide variety of healing massages.

Discovery Body Treatments

Enhance your skin’s glow with our 100% natural botanical plant-based body scrubs and wraps.

Discovery Facials

Discover our facial treatments influenced by Mother Nature for naturally glowing and radiant skin.


These à-la-carte additions to any treatment provide a little extra pampering.

Nail Treatments

Make your nails as flawless as your day.

Sensory Connection Rituals

Achieve a total sense of well-being with these holistic rituals that connect mind, body and soul.

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Wellness Services

Yoga & Fitness

Yoga unites mind, body and spirit in infinite harmony and offers many well-being benefits. Connect to self, senses and spirit with classes centred on movement, meditation and focused breathing.


Choose from three different workshops that focus on creating a sacred space, reconnecting the emotion of love or increasing self-awareness.

The Four Elements

Inspired by the four elements of nature, these wellness practices help the body and mind dive into a sense of deep release with Water, ground and encourage a sense of peace from Earth, nurture the soul and release stiffness with Air and energize to build up heat from within through Fire.

Holistic Discovery

Pamper yourself or someone special with our holistic treatments.