They say that only a surfer knows the feeling – the thrill of the chase and the constant search for the perfect, uncrowded waves. Whilst on the search, surfers may be teased with photographs of waves breaking somewhere tropical, with not a single surfer in sight and the location referenced as only ‘somewhere’, perhaps in Seychelles.

Whilst not widely known as a destination for surfing, the Seychelles is growing a reputation as a secret spot where surfers can escape for a luxurious tropical holiday and the promise of catching a few waves. Granted, one of the first mentions of Seychelles as a surf destination was in Surfing Magazine in 1967, but as far as secrets go, the surf in Seychelles is a pretty closely guarded one, which locals and visitors alike are happy to keep to themselves.

In partnership with luxury surf guiding company, TropicSurf, guests of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles can become one of the pioneers of surfing in Seychelles, either learning to surf in one of the world’s most beautiful locations or developing their skills in the crystal clear Indian Ocean waters with perhaps only a handful of others (if any) in the water. On many occasions, the only person sharing the waves may be a surfacing turtle or a flying fish and as many locals will soon advise, they don’t see many tourists sharing the water with them, so guests are guaranteed to experience more of Seychelles than their counterparts who choose to spend their time on dry land.

Different times of the year offer varying conditions, with the most consistent waves generally from May until October. However, big wave surfing is not what should be expected from a surf trip to Seychelles. Rather than the huge glossy pipelines of Hawaii or Bali, surfers in Seychelles can expect to enjoy the thrill of the search, driving around the island, looking for waves that may have probably never been surfed before or simply hanging out with the locals and enjoying the fun and community spirit that the sport brings to island life.

Under the expert guidance of their TropicSurf instructor, guests will be escorted to a nearby surf break, best suited to the guest’s individual skill level and conditions at the time, where they can expect an authentic surfing experience and some of the best views on the island.

From beginning to end, the TropicSurf guide will take care of all of the preparations and ensure surfers have everything they need to enjoy a day in the water and catch some of the best waves of their life, discovering hidden coves and secluded beaches around the island which they otherwise may have not had the opportunity to explore.

After a busy day exploring local surf breaks and paddling through the warm Indian Ocean waters, tired surfers can retreat to the hilltop Spa to enjoy a Surfer’s Massage, tailored to relax aching muscles and work the upper body. The search for new waves has never felt so good, and that’s a feeling only a surfer in Seychelles will know.

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