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Discover Seychelles

Seychelles is a tropical island lover’s dream come true. Discover the beauty of Petite Anse and the surrounding area through a series of experiences designed to help you connect with our Indian Ocean paradise.

Resort Highlights

  • An Underwater World

    Dip beneath the surface and discover the beauty of what lies under the waves. Our WiseOceans marine education and conservation specialists are based at the Coral Cabana and can take you for a snorkel tour of the reef or tell you all about the work they are doing to restore an area of coral reef in our Petite Anse bay.

  • Old Friends

    Roaming slowly and freely around their beachside pen, the five Aldabra Giant Tortoises of Petite Anse beach range from a youthful 11 to a middle-aged 45 years old, but their relatives have been known to live to 100 years or more. These five friends spend their days basking in the sun, cooling off in the mud and roaming around looking for fresh leaves or friendly humans with tasty treats such as mango peel or spinach.

“Petite Anse is full of nature, so guests don’t have to go far to discover the beauty of Seychelles. I love stopping to show guests the fruit or flowers that grow along the hillside when I’m taking them to their villa or down to the beach.”

Robinson Guest Service Agent

Around the Resort

  • Natural Beauty

    Seychelles is home to many endemic species of flora and fauna, many of which can be found right here in Petite Anse. Refer to our eco guide and nature signs around the resort to discover more information about the flowers, spices and other natural species that call our beautiful bay home.

  • An Artist’s Paradise

    The south of Mahé island is often referred to as “artists country” because of the sheer number of art galleries located within a short radius of the resort. Take a tour to visit the galleries of Michael Adams, Tom Bowers and Nigel Henri – all located within a 45-minute drive of Petite Anse.

  • Dine in History

    Nestled in the lush jungle foliage at the heart of Petite Anse bay stand the remaining four walls of an ancient Seychellois house, supported by the roots of ageing palms and shaded by lush green leaves high overhead. It is thought that the house had previously been used as a post office; it now plays host to intimate private dinners and vibrant Creole dance shows during once-in-a-lifetime special events.

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