Bali's most famous temples and historical sites are often crowded, yet the island still harbours many sites that are off the beaten track. Experience a sense of discovery with our knowledgeable guides, who share the village's secrets exclusively with Four Seasons guests.
3 hours

Experience Bali’s Heritage

  • Couple driving orange Volkswagen through Bali countryside
    A Scenic Drive & Bathing Ritual

    Our guide will take you back in time as you visit an enormous sacred banyan tree, a preserved historic house to learn about Balinese architecture and then a secluded water temple where you can participate in a melukat bathing ritual.

  • Couple walking out of Resort
    Living like a Local

    See locals go about their lives as though it were centuries ago.

  • Couple driving orange Volkswagen in Bali
    Sacred Banyan Tree

    Visit an enormous sacred banyan tree, and a preserved historic house to learn the unique principles of Balinese architecture.

  • Secret Water Temple

    Bathe in the holy springs of a secluded water temple where you will make an offering and be blessed by the village priest. Return to the Resort invigorated with the renewed hope that not all the best places have already been discovered.


We ask you to resist the temptation to tag or name this village and its sites on social media, out of respect for the village's wish to preserve the tranquility for their own usage as well as visitors.
Please bring a change of clothes for after bathing. Towel, sarong and sash, and offerings will be provided by your guide.
  • Guided tour of the local village with our staff
  • Tour conducted in English
  • Tour of water temple with traditional bathing ritual by Balinese priest
  • Choose from open-air vintage Volkswagen car or air-conditioned family car
  • Suitable for couple and family
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