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Make an investment in your personal wellness with the help of Four Seasons.

Wellness Around the World: 13 Ways
to Join In

Salt harvesting in Hawaii, crystal healing meditations in Bali and underwater cycling in Mauritius – welcome to Global Wellness Day at Four Seasons.

With studies emerging continually that link a healthy lifestyle to longevity and happiness, you’ll want to celebrate Global Wellness Day, which takes place in June. Four Seasons hotels and resorts all over the world roll out the green carpet, hosting a myriad of activities to keep you looking and feeling your best. Here, a whole-grain baker’s dozen of highlights.


1. Meditate With a Former Buddhist Nun

At Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, you can partake in crystal sound healing meditations with Ibu Fera, resident wellness mentor and former Buddhist nun, and burn a letter to let go of past negatives. “Well-being can be achieved only when we are able to harmonize the body and mind,” says Fera. “The burning letter ritual is part of releasing any inner tension, while the blessing and praying is the most beautiful way to start afresh.”

2. Do Yoga on a Helipad in LA

Hollywood’s a great place to add some variety to your yoga practice, and Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills offers a new position for you to try – a vinyasa class on its helipad, high over the cityscape with 360-degree views any cinematographer would envy. Bonus: Renowned yogi Andrew Sealy, an Alo Yoga Ambassador, leads the session.

3. Light Spiritual Lanterns in Vietnam

Across the globe at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai in Vietnam, the age-old art of tai chi – first practised as much as 1,500 years ago – is on the docket, followed by an evening lantern lighting ceremony including music by Oanh Ngo, the Resort’s Resident Singing Bowl Artist. “When I play singing bowls I feel more happiness,” Ngo says. “I feel at peace, and it helps me to deeply connect back to myself, as well as to our Mother Earth.”

4. Take a Zen Hike in the Sonoran Desert

In Arizona, at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North, you can start the day with a 6:30 am, 90-minute Zen Hike up Sonoran Desert trails at Pinnacle Peak Park. Yoga instructor Michelle Regan leads hikers in her specialty during breaks. “Guests love the yoga poses that we do, where it not only stretches them along the way, but it brings more awareness to their surroundings,” Regan says. “As a guide, I love being able to interact with the guests, learning more about them and sharing the beauty of the desert. It makes me proud to live here.”


5. Relax with a Balinese Foot Massage in Beirut & 6. Get a Coconut Body Scrub in the Seychelles

No Global Wellness Day would be complete without some pampering, inside and out, and you have options around the globe. One is on the rooftop of Four Seasons Hotel Beirut, where your Balinese foot massage begins with a sea salt and fresh flower scrub and is followed by an extensive reflexology treatment. “Reflexology balances your whole body, giving you the sensation of overall wellness,” says Charbel Watfa, Hotel Spa Manager. Another is at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island, the place to go for a coconut body scrub, with coconut husk and oil, to the sound of the ocean waves.

Water is believed by the Balinese to be one of the key forces of life and spiritual energy.

7. Release a Flower Into the Sea in Bali

Global Wellness Day activities enter the realm of the spiritual at Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay, where you can try a cleansing ceremony in which you release a flower into the sea to eradicate negativity from your life. “Water plays an important role and is believed by the Balinese to be one of the key forces of life and spiritual energy,” says Resort priest Ajik Ngurah. “Balinese Hindus participate in water purification (melukat) regularly – it represents the flow of energy (known as prana or chi) that connects our emotions and intuition.”

8. Sip a Green Supreme Smoothie in Anguilla

Because a healthy lifestyle often begins with diet, each hotel or resort prioritizes nutritious offerings. On Global Wellness Day, Four Seasons Resort Anguilla is whipping up complimentary Green Supreme drinks with anti-inflammatory moringa plant leaves. You know they’re fresh, because Restaurant Manager Dean Bryan picks the leaves from his home tree. The rest of the ingredients? Bananas, orange juice, mango purée and – should you so desire – coconut rum. “Moringa contains more vitamin C than oranges, the same amount of vitamin A as carrots, more potassium than bananas, more iron than spinach and more protein than yogurt,” Bryan says.

9. Learn Healthy Cooking Tips From a Pro in Washington, DC

Find out how to keep wellness top of mind throughout the year at Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC, where Chef Andrew Court will be revealing his secrets to edible well-being as part of a wellness panel. Walk away with tips and tricks on how to lighten up classic dishes without losing any flavour – think hollandaise sauce made with zucchini. “It’s not a quick fix,” Court says. “Eating healthier takes dedication and effort, but it’s all worth it when you start seeing the results.” In other words, let’s honour Global Wellness Day every day.


10. Harvest Salt in Hawaii

If you think salt harvesting – as a guest of Four Seasons Resort Hualalai – must be bad for your blood pressure, think again. “Our Hawaiian ancestors lived off of Hawaii’s bountiful resources and, in turn, respected and honoured our land and ocean,” says Aunty Halani Berard, Mea Ho‘okipa (literal translation: “I am host”), a member of the Resort’s Ka‘upulehu Cultural Center team. “The natural salt the ocean provided was a cornerstone of Hawaiian living – used for food preservation, cooking, medicine and more. We are thrilled to bring this experience to our guests as another way to showcase our rich history.”

The natural salt the ocean provided was a cornerstone of Hawaiian living.

The newly launched experience begins with a quick hike to the ancient salt flats adjacent to the Resort, where guests will learn how Hawaiians collected and dried the vital mineral. Next, a cooking class with Executive Chef Thomas Bellec to taste how sea salt can change a dish. Still want more? End the day in the Spa with the Ocean Body Treatment, which includes a full body salt scrub-down.

11. Paddleboard a Lagoon in San Diego

To celebrate Global Wellness Day like frequent paddleboarder Pippa Middleton, grab your water shoes and head directly to Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara, San Diego. Guests are invited to ply the waters of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon, where freshwater tributaries flow into a saltwater marsh that fronts the Pacific Ocean.

12. Soar in an AntiGravity Class in Kuwait

At Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya, guests can take an AntiGravity class in which they’ll do ballet, Pilates, yoga and strength training while suspended from the ceiling in a silk hammock. “When you start practising this, you’ll find you actually become younger, healthier and even a bit taller,” says AntiGravity founder Christopher Harrison. (We wouldn’t bet on the younger part, but it’s certainly worth trying.)

13. Cycle Underwater in Mauritius

If you’d rather be immersed in water than suspended in mid-air, Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita is your place: There, guests will be elbow deep in the 25-metre (82-foot) al fresco lap pool for an aquabike session. Or simply choose to run a 3.5-to-7-kilometre trail along the sugar fields. “June is the start of the sugar-cane harvesting season in Mauritius,” Fitness Centre Manager Noam Clarisse says, “meaning that much of the cane is at its tallest and it sways gently in the breeze – a beautiful sight to run alongside in the early morning light.”