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Travel is a promise of stories waiting to unfold. It takes us out of our everyday and invites us to reconnect with our innermost selves and the world around us. No matter what type of traveller you are, exploring the tapestry of sights, sounds and flavours found throughout the Middle East and Africa will leave […]

Leave No Stories Left Untold

Whether you’re looking for thrilling adventures, transformative moments or immersive experiences, the vibrant tapestry of the Middle East and Africa is filled with wonders. Let Four Seasons be your guide.

Travel is a promise of stories waiting to unfold. It takes us out of our everyday and invites us to reconnect with our innermost selves and the world around us. No matter what type of traveller you are, exploring the tapestry of sights, sounds and flavours found throughout the Middle East and Africa will leave you with incredible new stories to tell. From curated wellness experiences and immersive excursions that showcase an area’s rich culture and traditions to adventures that take you outside the ordinary, these distinctive properties offer a range of dynamic experiences as unique as the destinations themselves, delivered with the legendary service and attention to excellence Four Seasons is known for. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the expertly curated experiences you’ll find throughout this incredible region.

Journey into the untold

Natural immersion

These experiences tap into the beauty of the natural world and open up a fresh perspective on an area’s history and culture.

Explore above and below the water in the Seychelles

Whether you want to try your hand at surfing, reeling in a Yellowfin Tuna or are curious to see the vibrant underwater world up close, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island invites you to immerse yourself in tropical wonders. The experts at the Resort’s Castaway Centre can craft a custom itinerary filled with all kinds of water adventures suited to your preferences, seamlessly mixing thrilling excursions with tranquil moments of awe.

Wander through Yves Saint Laurent’s blue gardens in Marrakech

Lose yourself in the labyrinthine, palm-covered passageways at Jardin Majorelle, the garden adjoining fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent’s former home. The garden is a mélange of rare tropical and flowering plants as well as ancient, storeys-high cactuses. The terra cotta buildings, all painted in the same electric blue by the previous owner, bring the landscape to life – appropriate for the city that Saint Laurent said introduced him to colour. A private tour of the home he shared with Pierre Bergé and a guided visit to the adjacent Musée Yves Saint Laurent follows, then a tailor-made, YSL-inspired dinner back at Four Seasons Resort Marrakech.

Man holds a falcon on his arm as two others look on

Explore the dunes and dine at a traditional Bedouin camp on the Royal Safari Private Experience available at Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre.

Escape to the desert for a day in Dubai

Watch the sandy desert unfold before you from the back seat of a vintage 1950 Range Rover, driven by your private guide at Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, the UAE’s first national park. After a thrilling hour-long desert safari, your next ride – a camel – is already saddled and waiting for you. Afterwards, you’ll take in a falconry show and a four-course dinner at an authentic Bedouin camp to round out the incredible Royal Safari Private Experience, available exclusively at Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre.

Explore the beauty of the natural world

One-of-a-kind wellness and self-discovery

Rejuvenate your body and mind with experiences designed to promote relaxation, self-reflection, and spiritual or personal growth.

Have the spa all to yourself in Bahrain Bay

The middle of the night always brings an air of mystery. The Night Spa package at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay kicks off an hour before midnight with a 60-minute massage next to the Spa’s elegant tile-bottom pool. Sparkling wine and chocolates follow, along with having the space all to yourself for a full hour. If romance is on your mind, this is just one of two different couple’s packages that help set the stage for love. Your other option? The Couple’s Escape treatment starts with an aromatic steam and full-body scrub and ends with an aromatherapy massage, after which bubbles are served.

Nourish body and soul in Pella

Pass rolling hills and scenic valleys as you make your way north from Four Seasons Hotel Amman en route to the historic village of Pella. A welcome ceremony followed by a mountaintop meditation session with a shepherd and his sheep immediately connects you with the unique energy of this spiritually charged archaeological site that has been continuously inhabited for 6,000 years. Enjoy lunch at the Marsam, learn about dream weaving from a local artisan, practice some art therapy techniques and then reflect on it all during a private yoga session at sunset.

Find a new kind of balance

Exclusive opportunities for cultural engagement

Experience some of the world’s most iconic cultural sights through private, individually curated moments you’ll never forget.

Observe ancient and modern worlds in Qatar’s capital

Experience all that Doha has to offer with a curated day of the city’s top sights, a roundup of nature, shopping and art all curated by the experts at Four Seasons Hotel Doha. Your morning begins with a leisurely drive along the Corniche with your private guide and a stop to admire the ultramarine waters at Katara Beach, often called the prettiest beach in Qatar. Pick up a handwoven rug at the Souk Waqif, the city’s bustling marketplace that sells everything from spices to strands of pearls, then wind down your day learning about the area’s rich heritage and culture at the Museum of Islamic Art and the futuristic, Jean Nouvel–designed National Museum of Qatar.

Dine beside the world’s most famous monuments in Cairo

As the sun sets over the Great Sphinx and the majestic Pyramids of Giza, the first course of dinner arrives in your private tent. Both the view and customized dinner are spectacular, even more so after spending the day with your private tour guide learning about the history of these 7,000-year-old monuments, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. After dessert, a traditional Tanoura dance show makes for another sweet treat. For an even deeper appreciation of Egyptian heritage, have the Concierge at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza arrange for  personalized itinerary for you to to explore the markets, grand palaces and cultural centres of the city, culminating with a mesmerizing felucca ride down the Nile River at sunset.

Exterior of Alexandria National Museum

Let Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria arrange for behind-the-scenes access to some of the cities most intriguing museums.

Marvel at royal gems in Alexandria

The riches of the Muhammad Ali dynasty are on glittering display as you take a private evening tour through the grand halls of the Royal Jewellery Museum, filled with the priceless jewellery of Egypt’s royal family. As you make your way through the newly restored, 19th-century royal palace, your expert guide reveals the stories behind magnificent these royal artefacts. This extraordinary experience is available only at Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano.

Get to know new cultures

Unlimited adventure

Get to know your more daring side with activities that take you beyond the ordinary.

A desert safari for thrill-seekers in Dubai

The Desert Thrills Safari from Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach starts with some invigorating dune bashing, an always unpredictable SUV ride across constantly shifting dunes with plenty of stops, starts and slides. After that, you’ll hop into a dune buggy for a different kind of tour across the landscape. Sandboarding and a camel ride follow, and to wrap it all up, you’ll enjoy a curated international dinner served in a traditional Bedouin tent.

Walk to the edge of the world in Riyadh

Set off from Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom Centre on an afternoon drive through the Arabian Desert and make your way to one of Saudi Arabia’s most magnificent natural wonders: the Edge of the World. This 1,131-metre (3,710-foot) cliff juts out of the desert floor and offers an unparalleled vantage point. Gaze out onto the endless horizon, spotting samar and acacia trees dotting the valley as well as towering mountains carved by time. As the sun begins to set, the whole landscape is drenched in shades of gold, orange and pink. A simple dinner filled with local flavours follows as you take in the magic of the desert at night.

Extraordinary adventures await

Culinary explorations

There’s no better way to get the true flavour of a place than through its cuisine. These experiences serve culture and history by taking you into the kitchens and restaurants that reflect its taste.

Learn how to cook Creole-style cuisine in Mauritius

Snip some fresh herbs growing in the Cotomili herb garden at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita and then step into the kitchen with a chef for a Creole Cooking Class to learn how to make some of the island’s signature, bold dishes such as rougaille: a classic, tomato-based comfort food that’s usually made with dried fish and herbs such as garlic, ginger, curry and chili. After you’ve created your own Creole dish, savour it with a glass of wine, expertly paired to make those flavours sing. You can also opt for a chef-prepared picnic on the Resort’s grounds, served after a short hike tailored for you by the fitness team.

Tour the city’s top bakery in Casablanca

Taste the famous cornes de gazelles at Pâtisserie Bennis Habous tucked away in the Quartier Habous, and learn how this four-generation family bakery has made a name for itself in Casablanca and beyond. Your private tour, arranged by Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca, will take you behind the scenes and into the kitchen to see how these traditional Moroccan cookies, made from almonds and orange water, are shaped by hand. Afterwards, enjoy your cookies with a glass of sweet mint tea on the terrace of the nearby Cafe Imperial.

Indulge in new flavours

Make a positive impact

Make a positive impact by giving back to communities in your destination. Through experiences aiming at education and preservation, you’ll work with those dedicated to keeping their traditions and ecosystem alive.

Help restore coral reefs in the Seychelles

Alongside marine education and conservation specialists from WiseOceans at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, you’ll learn about a coral reef’s importance as part of the ocean’s ecosystem. Then you attach your own rescued coral fragment to a steel frame just off the shore of Petite Anse Bay. As the fragment grows bigger and stronger, you’ll receive updates on its progress.

Work alongside locals to conserve their culture in Umm Qais

Join locals for a day in the hilltop town of Umm Qais – located just a couple hours from Four Seasons Hotel Amman – in their efforts to conserve hallmarks of their ancient culture. You’ll weave your own basket and make hadabs with the older women still making the traditional Jordanian headdress by hand, and create “seed bombs” of wild za’atar, and learn about its ecological and medicinal significance. With each activity, you’ll work alongside those who are keeping their traditions alive for future generations.

Give back to the community


Discover the wonders of the Middle East and Africa.

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