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At this smart, lounge-style meeting spot on Park Lane, you can choose from a variety of innovative cocktails, light dining options and an extensive wine list.


12:00 noon – 1:00 am Daily

Signature Cocktails

Raise a glass to London! Inspired by some of the city’s most famous landmarks and iconic events steeped in rich history, rediscover London with each sip of these innovative drinks on our curated cocktail menu created by Bar Manager Ivan Arena. From the fresh floral notes of The Rose Garden inspired by nearby Hyde Park to the playful surprise delivered with champagne cocktail Electric Avenue, enjoy a unique tour of London exploring exciting flavours and the stories of our favourite sights to see.

  • Bartender swirls smoke on top of a shot glass of amber-coloured liquor
    Our Masterdish: Smoke Signal
  • Negroni Trolley

    Enjoy a bespoke negroni, using one of the 14 gins displayed in our negroni trolley, stirred with Campari and our special blend of six different vermouths that are aged for two weeks in an oak barrel.

  • The Huntsman

    Enjoy our new Negroni “The Huntsman” in collaboration with luxury British fashion and lifestyle brand Huntsman. Created by Bar Manager Ivan Arena, the cocktail features a custom Huntsman-house blended vermouth, presented on our famous Negroni Trolley with added surprises from the iconic Savile Row brand.

  • La Contessa

    Inspired by Negroni creator Count Negroni and his global travels, this reimagined classic cocktail features homemade raspberry-infused pink gin paired with Martini Rosato vermouth, bergamot liquor and R de Ruinart Brut N.V. Champagne.

More Dining Options