To feel the energy and dynamism of Thai culture, try boxing a local. But not just anyone. At Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, we set you up with a champion of muay thai – the Thai variety of boxing – to train you in this centuries-old martial art on our white sand beach. 

Similar to football in England or baseball in America, muay thai is a beloved national sport in Thailand. And our resident muay thai champ will take you through a class where you kick, punch and grapple yourself through the finer points of the of the art. Incorporating the use of elbows in addition to gloved fists, feet, shins and knees, you’ll learn why muay thai is sometimes called the “art of eight limbs.”

Although challenging, it’s suitable for everyone from teens to adults of all ages, and fitness levels, to learn and enjoy. While you’ll doubtlessly have fun – and learn some fancy moves – it’s also an invigorating workout. So if you don’t end up a muay thai champion yourself, you can at least justify an extra bowl of coconut ice cream after your dinner at KOH, Thai Kitchen & Bar.

Muy thai classes are available upon request with advance notice. Fees apply.