Before your treatment even begins at the Secret Garden Spa at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, you will hear the gentle striking of a special metal bowl. The deeply resonant vibrations – based on the earth’s gravity – bring you into a relaxed and meditative state.

The “singing bowl” sets the tone for your Secret Garden Spa experience. In this magical place, the treatments draw on ancient Thai wellness traditions – such as the natural healing powers of herbal compresses. Each compress is filled with a potent mix of indigenous herbs and spices, designed to maximise the impact of your treatment. Aromatic ginger and turmeric heal and nourish the body, while fragrant lemongrass and kaffir lime clear the mind and refresh the spirit. Cleansing agents like ginger, tamarind leaves, and lavender treat infections and purify the skin. The use of warm herbal compresses also eases inflammation, relieves pain, and stimulates blood circulation.

As the treatment concludes, the metal bowl sings its mystical earth-song once again, gently preparing your body and mind to leave the Spa and go out into the world.