Four Seasons is committed to sustainable business practices and protecting the long term health of our community and the planet. We are proud to be making strides in the journey of reducing our environmental impact and being part of the solution for a sustainable future.
Biodegradable Straw
To reduce the impact of single-use plastic on our oceans and earth, the Hotel only uses biodegradable straws made of potato starch in all restaurants and banquet facilities.
Food Waste
To make a meaningful, green impact on our planet, we proactively minimize food waste to reduce costs, water and electricity use. Our sustainability experts keep track of our waste minimization and continuously provide innovative actions to increase our eco-conscious actions within our Hotel. Beyond separating recycling, food and non-food waste, the Hotel works donates excess food to the non-profit Foodlink to provide hot, wholesome meals to those in need, and returns excess food waste to the ecosystem through aquaculture feed.
Reuse Linen
By opting into linen changes, each guest has the opportunity join the Hotel’s efforts to save water and electricity by reusing their linen and towels.
Going Paperless
The Hotel is committed to minimizing paper waste. Going digital with brochures and providing guests digital access to thousands of publications through Press Reader are part of our on going effort to reduce paper waste.
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