Glide through the world’s longest river, the Nile, just as the ancient Egyptians used to do thousands of years ago. One a Felucca Ride, let the breeze, aromas of the fresh air and sounds of the river tickle your senses to give yourself an unforgettable escape. Watch as some of Cairo’s remarkable landmarks become the backdrop to your astonishing experience – just steps away from the hotel.
  • A large hotel building in the distance with a boat sailing on a river in front of it.

    An Unforgettable Cairo Experience

    You’ll see them along the Corniche el Nil, the main thoroughfare that runs along the Nile. Their stark white sails and simple construction stand in contrast to the colourful, bustling shops and restaurants lining the river’s shore. They’re called feluccas, and many say that a trip to Cairo is not complete without taking a ride on one.
  • A woman standing on a balcony looking out at a large river below and a city in the background, there is a boat sailing the river.

    History of the Felucca

    These long wooden sailing boats once carried everything from pharaohs and military troops to food and supplies. Their construction is somewhat of a miracle, given that few large trees were available at the time. Instead, workers lashed together a series of reeds and small wooden planks, covering the entire structure with tarred cloth. They then added a wooden mast and a sail made of cotton or linen to power the boat, with a series of oars serving as backup when winds failed to blow.
  • Two sailboats cruising with the city skyline behind them

    Landmarks on the River Nile

    As you sail along one of Cairo’s most prominent landmarks, several other landmarks will cross your path – the Cairo Opera House with its famous evening lights, Cairo Tower with its notorious sparkle, the long-standing Cairo Yacht Club and a number of palaces – some that have been repurposed as embassies and consulates such as Kasr Al Mounira, Kasr Al Amira Iffat and Kasr Kamal Al Din. Make sure to ask your captain to dock while the landmarks become your backdrop for the perfect photo opportunities.
  • Sunset over Nile River with sailboats in Cairo, Egypt

    Evening Felucca Tours

    We recommend you make the trip at dusk to take in the sky’s colour spectrum. Stick around a little longer, and you’ll get to witness the night’s sparkling stars.
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