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Enjoy celebratory cakes and sweet treats by Four Seasons Hotel Toronto Pastry Chef Kevin Levionnois. Choose from a selection of housemade cakes, bespoke gift cards and more.

Cake Highlights

  • Round cake made with apricot Diplomate, ladyfinger sponge and apricot compote sits atop a round white cake stand
    Seasonal Fruit Charlotte

    Fruit Diplomate, Ladyfinger Sponge, Seasonal Compote

  • Round strawberry shortcake with white icing and topped with fresh sliced strawberries is set atop a round white cake stand
    Strawberry Shortcake

    Vanilla Sponge, Fresh Strawberries, Vanilla Chantilly

  • Round tiramisu topped with round chocolates and two long, thin chocolate twists is set atop a round white cake stand

    Savoiardi Biscuit, Mascarpone Coffee Mousse, Chocolate Coffee Beans

  • Round black forest cake with a red glazed center, jagged pieces of chocolate lining the sides, and fresh cherries and dollops of mousse is set atop a round white cake stand
    Black Forest Cake

    Dark Chocolate Mousse, Black Cherry Compote, Vanilla Chantilly

  • Round cake with a glazed pistachio-colored icing, a pink scalloped-edge border around the side and a candied-fruit topping is set atop a round white cake stand
    Pistachio and Raspberry Cake

    Pistachio Mousse, Raspberry Chantilly, Almond Dacquoise

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