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Embark on a wellbeing migration that taps into the energy of the Serengeti: the vitality of the land, vigour of its people, might of its indigenous ingredients, strength of its traditions, and its pure healing power. Inspired by the Serengeti’s incredible ecology, nourish your inner ecosystem with our bespoke rituals and treatments that celebrate Africa’s magic and mystique.

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Spa Services

Ancestral Rituals

Rituals inspired by local wisdom and ancient traditions.

Big 5 Kani Wellness Safari

The ultimate multi-day wellbeing journey inspired by the 5 energies of the Serengeti.

Migration Massages

Journey from tension to ease …

Serengeti Secrets

Body treatments that share the Serengeti’s magic and mystique.

Flora Facials

Locally revered petals and plants for a true Tanzanian glow.

Savannah Express

A dynamic dose of local vibrancy – as treatment add-ons or for those with limited time.

Bushland Beauty

Beauty treatments that harness the gifts of the region’s botanicals.

Mini Maasai

An introduction to the wonders of wellbeing for under 12s.

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Wellness Services


Bend, breathe and bliss out in our beautiful bushland haven.


The Lodge’s state-of-the-art Fitness Centre offers a calm oasis for fitness enthusiasts. Classes provide expert Four Seasons guidance in aerobic exercises, Pilates and other activities.

Meet the Team

Portrait photo of resident yogi Sajeesh Pazhayidath Pillai

Sajeesh Pazhayidath Pillai

Assistant Spa Manager and Resident Yogi

By growing up in Kerala, South India, Sajeesh has always found yoga to be a natural part of his life. Holding a diploma in Ayurvedic Therapy and anatomy, as well as a number of certificates in various aspects of massage techniques and the teachings of yoga, Sajeesh is always seeking to expand his knowledge in his field and often finds that the spark of inspiration comes from his own students. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been practicing yoga for years or have never taken a class, join him atop a nearby kopje at sunset (one of his favourite places), and he’ll help you find a sense of serenity.

"Nature offers us peace and balance. We only have to take the time to appreciate it."

Relaxation Experiences



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