Embark on a well-being migration that taps into the energy of the Serengeti: the vitality of the land, vigour of its people, might of its indigenous ingredients, strength of its traditions, and its pure healing power. Inspired by the Serengeti’s incredible ecology, nourish your inner ecosystem with our bespoke rituals and treatments that celebrate Africa’s magic and mystique.
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Every Day
10:00 am – 8:00 pm


Spa Services

Ancestral Rituals

Rituals inspired by local wisdom and ancient traditions.

Migration Massages

Journey from tension to ease …

Serengeti Secrets

Body treatments that share the Serengeti’s magic and mystique.

Savannah Express

A dynamic dose of local vibrancy – as treatment add-ons or for those with limited time.

Bushland Beauty

Get pampered with our professional nail care services.

Flora Facials

Locally revered petals and plants for a true Tanzanian glow.

Spa Etiquette

Prepare for your spa experience.

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Wellness Services

Mini Maasai

An introduction to the wonders of well-being for under 12s.

Yoga and Meditiation

Nature-inspired poses take on a whole new meaning in our beautiful bushland haven.


Tap into the energy of the Serengeti with our fitness classes and 24-hour Fitness Centre, complete with inspiring views.

Relaxation Experiences