Four Seasons Safari Lodge is located in one of the planet’s most incredible and precious habitats. We are proud to have been recognized as an award-winning responsible tourism operator and are continually striving to play our part in protecting and preserving the future of the Serengeti National Park and all those connected to it.

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A Sustainable Future for Serengeti

It is not only through being a responsible tourism operator that Four Seasons looks to protect and preserve the long-term future of the Serengeti, but also through trade with local suppliers and ensuring training and tourism education is available to the talented youth of the local communities.
Sourcing Locally
Nearly 75 percent of our overall suppliers are from Tanzania and within the Lodge’s Boutique, 90 percent of items are from Africa, with 60 percent being specifically from Tanzania. Throughout the Lodge, Four Seasons is proud to showcase products from Shanga Shangaa – a socially conscious for-profit enterprise that employs local people with disabilities to create unique artistic pieces from recycled glass and other recycled materials. In our Lodge's boutique, there are a number of products from other Arusha-based social enterprises, including handmade beaded jewellery and accessories from Sidai Designs and Maasai Womens Development Organisation, who employ the talents of Maasai women to assist them to support and sustain their families.
Developing Local Talent
To develop and empower the future leaders of Tanzania tourism, the Lodge offers visits and internships to students from local colleges, including the National College of Tourism, Serengeti Tourism College (SETCO), IBES, The Vocational Educational and Training Authority, and the College of African Wildlife Management. As from 2020, the Lodge is also providing full scholarships for three local students at SETCO for the completion of two-year training courses.