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Our cakes are crafted with quality ingredients, intricate techniques and meticulous care, resulting in works of art that instantly elevate any event. Bring the joy of baking to your own home with SoccaLat Cakes by Executive Pastry Chef Eddy Dhenin.

Signature Dishes

  • SoccaLat cake mix on a plate.
    Soccalat Cake

    Premium Signature Chocolate Cake Mix made by Executive Pastry Chef Eddy Dhenin

    View Our Chocolate Ganache Recipe
  • French dessert with layers of puff pastry cake and vanilla bavarois.

    French dessert with layers of puff pastry cake, vanilla bavarois

  • A bright yellow cake on a white tray.
    Olive Oil Cake

    Citrus olive oil sponge cake, mandarin cream, labneh mousse (D)

  • A square chocolate cake on a white tray.

    Hazelnut financier, milk chocolate tonka mousse, gianduja cream (D/N)

  • A white cake in the shape of a cloud.
    The Cloud

    Vanilla cheesecake mousse, cookie crust (D/V)

  • Puff pastries and cream.
    Saint Honore

    Caramelized puff pastry, hazelnut crémeux, choux cream puff (N)

  • A pink coloured pie.
    Seasonal Fruit Pie

    Vanilla custard, sweet crust, almond cream, seasonal fruit (D/N)

  • A light green cake with raspberries.

    Pistachio cake, pistachio bavarois mousse, raspberry crémeux (D/N)

  • A chocolate cake on a white tray.
    Decadence Cake

    Flourless chocolate cake, vanilla cremeux, chocolate mousse (GF, D)

All products are manufactured in-house and may contain traces of egg, wheat, gluten, dairy, soy and nuts.

 Cakes should be transported and store at a cool temperature, out of direct sunlight and on a flat surface. Product is perishable.

 Four Seasons is not liable for any damage that occurs after pickup from property.


D=Contains Dairy, N=Contains Nuts, V=Vegetarian, GF=Gluten Free

The Team

Chef Eddy Dhenin standing in the kitchen wearing a chef?s coat.

Eddy Dhenin

Executive Pastry Chef
Executive Pastry Chef Eddy Dhenin is a Four Seasons veteran, having led the kitchen and pastry programs at properties across the world since 2005. A native of France, he has received numerous awards and accolades for his edible works of art.

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