Situated on a pristine white sand beach on the island’s east coast, Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita is a perfectly positioned home base for exploring everything from lagoon waters to our capital city, Port Louis. Who better to draw up a local guide than our in-the-know staff? Tailor your itinerary with their picks; then explore, retreat and repeat.

A Tropical Hike from Our Director of Guest Experiences

– Cecile Pastore, Director of Guest Experiences

“While known for its beaches, Mauritius is also an island with beautiful mountains and valleys. At Tamarind Falls (also known locally as “the seven cascades”), a series of seven waterfalls located in a south-west canyon descend through lush nature and can be enjoyed first-hand during a three-hour hike. And with some waterfalls having such deep ponds, you’ll have the chance to take a refreshing swim after your hike.”

Aerial view of two men fishing off white boat with fishing rods

Where Our Director of Restaurants Goes for a Morning Thrill

– Darmen Santoo, Director of Restaurants

“Mauritius is the perfect place to enjoy deep-sea fishing, especially from October to April. The warm tropical waters are home to several species of fish, including barracuda and black marlin. An early morning fishing trip gives me a thrill, setting out across the blue waters of the lagoon and out into to the deeper Indian Ocean waters. You can also experience small game fishing in the lagoon year-round, where a typical catch could be a yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi or dorado.”

Authentic Cuisine from our Executive Sous-Chef

– Patrick Soochit, Executive Sous-Chef

“When not wanting to cook, yet craving delicious local cuisine, I head to Ti Chevrette, which is a Creole restaurant found in a modern colonial house in the town of Moka. The menu has an array of dishes, mostly served with rice or farata (an Indian flatbread). For an additional kick, you can try eating like a true local by adding some green chilli paste. I highly recommend the chutney-filled grilled fish and the dry venison curry.”

Where Our Digital Concierge Manager Enjoys a Favourite Pastime

– Terry Moutou, Digital Concierge Manager

“Join in the island’s Saturday afternoon fervour with a trip to the capital city of Port Louis. Here, you can share in the excitement with local race-goers at Champ de Mars, one of the oldest racetracks in the southern hemisphere. Champ de Mars is a Mauritian melting pot, with people of all ages attending and an exhilarating atmosphere, all leading up to the main race at 3:45 pm each week.”