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Wellness Your Way

Four Seasons Resort Maui realizes that the path to optimal health is a unique journey. Recognizing that the route to feeling one's best can be radically different from individual to individual, the Resort has carefully curated a program called "Wellness Your Way," which includes energy-focused spa treatments, culinary dishes and fitness classes.

Our People

  • Portrait photo of Dr. Mark Emerson, Clinical Nutritionist on sunny patio with pillows
    Dr. Mark Emerson, Lifestyle Medicine Expert

    Dr. Emerson has over 25 years of professional experience in clinical nutrition and natural treatment methods for patients of all ages and backgrounds. Specializing in lifestyle medicine and the important link between diet and disease, he has dedicated his career to teaching optimal health through proper nutrition and successful realistic dietary protocols.

  • Portrait photo of Pat Makozak, Senior Spa Director between planters with tropical white flowers
    Pat Makozak, Senior Spa Director

    Few have travelled the road to wellness farther or more successfully than Pat Makozak. Her extensive menu offerings range from indigenous therapies and nutritional counseling to high-tech alternatives.

  • Portrait photo of Craig Dryhurst, Executive Chef on patio, white planter and flowers in background
    Craig Dryhurst, Executive Chef

    Chef Dryhurst brings his innovative cooking style to the Resort's two restaurants, DUO Steak and Seafood and Ferraro's Bar e Ristorante. His Wellness Menu, in collaboration with Dr. Emerson, supports the Spa's comprehensive wellness program.

  • Dr. Debra Greene

    With a PhD from Ohio State University and more than 20 years of practicing mind-body medicine and energy medicine, Dr. Greene combines the best of ancient wisdom and modern science in her practice. She believes that the role of the mind in health and wellness cannot be overestimated, and she brings this to her practice – guided meditation, integrative inner clarity sessions and the tapping of acupressure points to relieve stress.

  • Juliette Butters Doty, Astrologer

    Seek therapeutic or spiritual guidance from astrological readings, either in-person or virtual.

  • Ruth Kramer, Holistic Medium

    Find your path and live your best life with safe, holistic readings. Virtual appointments only.

  • Dr. Jayme Jensen, Intuitive Healer

    Drawing on over 20 years of experience, Dr. Jensen offers unique perspectives on holistic healing, clairvoyance and energy modalities. In-person or virtual sessions.

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