At Four Seasons Resort Maui, our top priority is to preserve our guests’ personal health, wellness, safety and security. Our private aviation and airport lounge partners share the same priorities, with impeccable safety and service credentials along with exclusive rates and amenities for Four Seasons Resort Maui guests.


  • A woman stands on stairs of private plane, a black SUV is parked just outside
NetJets is the world’s largest fractional private aviation program, presenting Four Seasons Resort Maui guests with special access to private air travel without a long-term commitment. With a fleet of 750 aircrafts, NetJets offers a massive and diverse private fleet with exceptional service and ultimate flexibility in air travel.


  • Private jet at the airport
VistaJet is a global private aviation company with a fleet of super-midsize, long range and super-long-range aircraft fully equipped for business or leisure trips. Choose to book an investment-free direct flight or enroll in one of VistaJet’s membership programs. No matter the flight you choose, you’ll be met with unparalleled service on board from a cabin crew expertly trained by MedAire, the British Butler Institute, Norland College and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, as well as a fine dining experience with curated food and wine offerings from private chefs and Michelin-starred restaurants.


  • Private airport Suite seating area, car and runway in background through window
Four Seasons Maui is pleased to collaborate with PS LAX to reimagine the LAX airport experience. Located in a private terminal across the tarmac, PS LAX offers a back door to your aircraft, along with seamless security and TSA, and luxury amenities in your private suite before your flight. Four Seasons offers this service one-way, (valued at USD 3,150), to guests flying through LAX who have purchased our Complete Suites package. (Five-night minimum stay required.)

PS LAX Amenities

  • Private suites with a two-person daybed, private restroom and complete food-service pantry
  • Head-of-State style escort across the tarmac
  • Direct transport to and from aircraft via fleet of 7-Series BMW vehicles
  • Bypass waiting and screening lines and board via private stairs and elevators
  • On-site TSA screening lane
  • On-site Customs and Immigration processing facility for international travelers
  • Runway views of aircraft landing and taking off
  • Complimentary TSA-approved miniatures and travel accessories
  • Other facilities like a video conferencing room, shower spa and outdoor recreational space
  • Accommodations including in-suite massages and manicures (arranged upon request)

Utmost Safety

Flying private offers unique opportunities to travellers. Board the plane in complete privacy. Take off on your schedule. Arrive in style and let our car service greet you plane-side. Then, be whisked away to the Resort for a check-in process directly in your suite. Our plane-to-suite check-in service is smooth and coordinated, with minimal exposure and a high level of safety protocols.
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