• Energy Healer Chiara Branse
    December 23 – January 11

    Chiara Branse

    Embark on a path that transcends the ordinary with Energy Healer Chiara Branse and access far-reaching physical, emotional and spiritual shifts – alongside a deeper connection to self. Within the ceremonial space of a traditional 5.5-metre (18-foot) tipi, Branse blends a variety of healing modalities for personal growth, reflection and healing. This transformative haven provides a nurturing space for intimate connection with nature, ancient traditions, ancestral wisdom and, most importantly, your inner essence. Group sessions are held over three days.
Day One – Group morning sessions
Chakra Healing with Reiki
Balance energy and promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being through clearing and aligning the body’s energy centres.
Ice Bath Experience
Immerse your body in cold water to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and enhance mental clarity and resilience.
Day One – Group afternoon session: Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls
This transformative experience utilizes the pure, resonant tones of crystal singing bowls to promote deep relaxation, release energetic blockages and enhance overall well-being.
Day Two – Group morning session: Chanelling Workshop
Receive guidance to help develop your intuitive and channelling abilities, fostering a deeper connection to higher spiritual wisdom and self-awareness.
Day Two – Group afternoon session: Sound Healing and Reiki
A harmonious fusion of vibrational sound therapy and reiki energy healing promotes profound relaxation, balance, and holistic well-being.
Day three – Group morning sessions
Sound Healing with Breathwork
Combining the power of vibrational sound therapy with intentional breathwork techniques to facilitate deep relaxation, stress reduction and emotional release.
Ice Bath Experience
Immerse your body in cold water to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and enhance mental clarity and resilience.
Day three – Group afternoon session: Cacao Ceremony
This sacred, heart-opening ritual uses ceremonial cacao alongside setting positive intentions and releasing emotional burdens by writing them on paper for personal growth and healing.
Group session pricing
5–6 people, 90 minutes per session Single session – USD 180 1 day (2 sessions) – USD 325 3 days (6 sessions) – USD 975
Private Shamanic Healing Session
Work with the energy body to clear emotional, physical or spiritual trauma. 60 minutes – USD 325
Private Reiki Session
Use gentle touch or non-invasive energy transfer to channel universal life force energy and promote relaxation. 60 minutes – USD 325
Private Channelling Session
Connect directly with spiritual guides for messages, insights and guidance on your life and spiritual growth. 60 minutes – USD 325
  • Visiting practitioner Raaj Nair
    January 12 – February 14

    Raaj Nair, Pranic Psychotherapist and Healer

    From the resolution of old trauma through pranic (“life energy”) psychotherapy to the release of emotions through crystal spa treatments, Raaj Nair’s intuitive approach is a powerful blend of the practical and the spiritual. Nair received his training in Singapore, India and the USA with some of the world’s most acclaimed practitioners, including Masters of Pranic Healing, using the teachings of of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. A short consultation process allows Nair to understand each individual’s or couple’s desired outcome and gain an insight into their current challenges.
Crystal Spa
Nair uses his expertise to aid in the release of emotions through this crystal spa treatment to overcome emotional challenges and improve communications between partners. 30 minutes – USD 275
Pranic Facial
A pranic facial is a no-chemical, no-touch and no-massage ritual that leaves your skin glowing from the inside out. 60 minutes – USD 325
Pranic Healing
This session addresses the “energy body” that heals the physical being. 75 minutes – USD 350
Pranic Psychotherapy
This session addresses a variety of mental health conditions including depression, trauma, obsession and addiction, and can also be used to address long-standing emotional challenges between couples, improving communications between partners. 90 minutes – USD 375
  • Portrait photo of spa healer Rashdy
    February 15 – March 8

    Rashdy Ahmad

    Rashdy Ahmad was born into a family of healers; his father was a medicine man, his mother a traditional midwife and his grandfather practiced traditional cupping using buffalo horn. He studied under many traditional healers from a young age and started treating people at the age of 16. He holds sessions around the world and is affectionately and aptly known as “The Healing Hand.”
Cupping Ritual
This ancient ritual has been practised for centuries to release stiffness, draw out toxins, reduce pain or inflammation and improve circulation. 60 minutes – USD 275 90 minutes – USD 325
Energy Healing
Ahmad uses “Nur” (spiritual power), an energy without a time frame or borders that is inherent within all individuals, Reiki and vibrational healing through Imara Reika to resolve physical, mental and emotional blockages. 60 minutes – USD 275 90 minutes – USD 325
Therapeutic Healing Massage
Rashdy combines deep-tissue massage and energy healing to manipulate the soft tissue, ease musculoskeletal problems, and assist with psychological aspects: providing relaxation, improving confidence and reducing anxiety. 60 minutes – USD 275 90 minutes – USD 325
  • Headshot of visiting hypnotherapist Jessica Boston
    March 10 – April 8

    Jessica Boston

    One of “The London Evening Standard’s” best wellness practitioners and top five hypnotherapists in London, Jessica Boston is an award-winning, trauma-informed practitioner with over a decade’s experience supporting her clients through hypnotherapy and meditation. Her debut sound meditation album, “This Feeling is You,” was featured in “GQ’s” Top Ten Coolest of The Week, on POPSUGAR and performed at the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA).
MEDITATION Group session
Discover a safe, trustable space within as Boston focuses on the wisdom and beauty of nature, as well as your skills, capabilities and growth. 45 minutes – USD 80 Daily at 5:00 pm
Explore the stories, narratives and perspectives keeping you in a state of stress response and reset your subconscious mind for more ease, lightness and relaxation. 30 minutes – USD 80
Release stagnant emotions linked to past experiences and reclaim the energy that went into survival for increased motivation, presence, alignment and clarity. 60 minutes – USD 295
Optimize your relationship with your nervous system and learn empowering tools and strategies to take care of yourself. After the session, feel an enhanced sense of flow, joy and confidence for your future. 90 minutes – USD 375
Restore – the full package
Return home with this extensive exploration of you, combining all of the benefits of the above sessions to begin anew with a renewed sense of determination and focus. Restore your nervous system and recognize your greatest ally for success: your subconscious mind. Three 60-minute sessions and two 30-minute sessions – USD 885

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