• Sound Practitioner David Kennet in pink button-down and jeans, holding a crystal singing bowl
    June 18 – July 16

    David Kennet, Sound and Bodywork Practitioner

    Sound and Bodywork Practitioner David Kennet brings multiple skills to his intuitive sound therapy. Having cured himself of chronic childhood asthma through singing, his debut came at age 21 performing at New York City’s Lincoln Center, kickstarting a global 25-year career that recently included appearances on MTV’s “The Hills” and NBC’s “The Today Show.” He is passionate about the transformative benefits of sound therapy from better sleep and trauma release to improved confidence, focus and clarity.
Harmonic Serenity
Embark on a sound therapy and bodywork odyssey, intricately personalized to your specific needs. Kennet employs his intuitive skills to pinpoint specific physical and emotional blockages within your body and mind. Feel the melodious vibration of his singing voice and musical instruments envelop you, complemented by his soothing bodywork, unravelling muscle tension and dissipating emotional stress. This transformative experience is not only rejuvenating, but also nurtures personal metamorphosis for the body, mind and spirit. 60 minutes – USD 325 90 minutes – USD 375
Sound Therapy and Energy Balancing
Immerse yourself in this deeply relaxing energy balancing and sound healing session. The session crescendos with a soul-enriching personalized sound healing journey, ensuring harmonious alignment for your overall mind, body, and spirit. Engage in this holistic renewal crafted to revitalize, fostering a greater flow of creative life force throughout your body. 60 minutes – USD 325
Craniosacral harmony
Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on approach involving the manipulation of the cranial bones, spine and sacrum to enhance the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, promoting the body’s natural healing processes. This session offers a range of benefits, including stress reduction, relaxation, improved sleep and relief from conditions such as headaches, migraines and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. End with soothing sound therapy to help support your body’s well-being. 60 minutes – USD 325
Vocal Expansion
Drawing on 25 years of international concert experience, Kennet will guide you in unleashing the full potential of your voice. This session, centered on a powerful “open voice” vocal technique, promotes confidence, whether you’re singing or seeking to enhance your speaking voice. Experience benefits beyond vocal improvement, as engaging with your voice positively influences psychological and physical well-being, fostering self-assurance and authentic expression. His expertise blends technical knowledge with emotional nuances, incorporating exercises to overcome inhibitions, expand vocal range and discover the resonance within your voice. 60 minutes – USD 325
  • A smiling Dr. Vinod Nair Karicheri in a linen button-up and glasses
    July 18 – August 7


    Dr Vinod Nair Karicheri is an integrative doctor skilled in combining Western and Eastern diagnostic techniques – including iridology, facial diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, and sleep and dream analysis – to help curate bespoke healing programs. He uses Marma bodywork, meditative yoga and the traditional Kerala martial art of Kalaripayattu in his treatments. A graduate in Natural Medicine & Yoga from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in India, Dr Karicheri has been practising for over 16 years.
This customized hatha yoga sequence incorporates the principles of the traditional martial art kalari, anatomy-based alignment, detachment (pratyahara), yogic breathing and inner visualization. Emerge into a state of consciousness that is free from active and negative thoughts, where you’re aware of your own true inner nature. 60 minutes – USD 275 90 minutes – USD 325
A rejuvenating, healing massage to attune the body’s Ayurvedic marma (“secret” in Sanskrit) system, whose major points correspond to the seven chakras (energy centres) of the body, and minor points radiate out along the trunk and limbs. Kalari fighters used this system to recover after injuries, making this ideal for sports injuries. 30 minutes – USD 275 60 minutes – USD 325 90 minutes – USD 375
Receive a 10% discount when you book a minimum of three 60-minute private yoga or bodywork sessions.
A combined integrated facial analysis, traditional Kalari pulse diagnosis and Ayurvedic body constitution analysis is performed to determine your basic nature at a physical, mental and emotional level. An individual plan is crafted for the right physical activities, yoga, meditation and spiritual practices for your true inner nature and body type. 30 minutes – complimentary
  • August 9 – September 6


    Penny Will is the creator of The Penny Method, combining soft tissue massage therapy with integrated movement coaching for sustainable health and fitness. Her diverse clients range from the New Zealand All Blacks and PGA golfers to Paralympians, yachtsmen and motorsport racers. She uses mindful and intelligent exercise practices to improve body awareness, physical fitness and holistic well-being. She goes beyond treating symptoms, coaching people to proactively manage aches and pains resulting from posture, tension, stress, ageing and injuries.
Recover from fitness activities or sports, relieve muscle soreness and manage injuries with targeted bodywork. 60 minutes – USD 325 90 minutes – USD 375
Alleviate aches, pains and tension, and improve posture and energy levels through hands-on therapy designed to integrate the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. 60 minutes – USD 325 90 minutes – USD 375
These personalized workout sessions identify individual movement patterns and limitations. 60 minutes – USD 300
The Penny Method incorporates Pilates, yoga, and functional training into intelligent exercise sessions designed to improve fitness, posture, strength and mobility. 75 minutes – USD 130
  • Portrait photo of spa healer Rashdy
    October 1–20

    RASHDY AHMAD, The Healing Hand

    Rashdy Ahmad was born into a family of healers; his father was a medicine man, his mother a traditional midwife and his grandfather practiced traditional cupping using buffalo horn. He studied under many traditional healers from a young age and started treating people at the age of 16. He holds sessions around the world and is affectionately and aptly known as “The Healing Hand.”
Cupping Ritual
Cupping has been practised for centuries to release stiffness, draw out toxins, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve circulation. 60-minute private session – USD 325 90-minute private session – USD 375
Energy Healing
Energy healing combines Nur spiritual power (an energy without a time frame or borders inherent within all individuals), Reiki and vibrational energy healing (through Imara Reiki) to resolve physical, mental and emotional blockages. 60-minute private session – USD 325 90-minute private session – USD 375
Therapeutic healing massage
Deep tissue massage is combined with energy healing to manipulate soft tissue, ease musculoskeletal issues, and provide psychological relief such as relaxation, confidence and reduced anxiety. 60-minute private session – USD 325 90-minute private session – USD 375

*A 10% discount is applied to bookings of five or more 60-minute private sessions and four or more 90-minute private sessions.

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