Stay engaged and energized while working in our airy, innovative Well Office space, appointed with state-of-the-art health and modern well-being features and specially designed to support your healthy lifestyle while traveling.


  • Stools surrounding a large desk with drinks and papers on it; with plants and shelves behind the desk.

    Jarvis adjustable height conference table and Luna standing desk stools allow for standing, seated and hybrid work options.

  • A man in business casual clothing sitting at a desk using a laptop.

    The natural light of the Well Office helps improves energy and productivity throughout your busy day.

  • A large table with drinks and office supplies on it.

    Complimentary inclusions provided by the Hotel include healthy snacks and water to help you stay focused.

  • A man and woman in business clothes using a laptop and discussing something while at a table.

    The modern amenities of the Well Office present the perfect space for meetings and collaborative projects.

  • A woman in business clothing sitting at a small desk using a laptop, there is a window behind her and a plant on a shelf near her.

    Jarvis standing desk with a lamp and nearby large-screen TV are perfect for presentations and videoconferencing.

Pricing and Inclusions

Pricing starts at USD 500 for a half day of use for up to 4 people, including à la carte coffee and pastry options
Pricing starts at USD 900 for full-day use from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm for up to 4 people, including à la carte coffee and pastry options
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