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Omesh Langmann

Omesh Langmann has more than 25 years of experience in astrology and palmistry. Through an interactive session, allow our expert to help you uncover challenges, and understand opportunities in the months ahead.

“The birth chart is an image of the energy constellation and vibration. It is unique to each person. Discover what’s written in your hands and make the most of this knowledge. It may be the right time to invest in a business, embark on a new adventure or even fall in love!”

Breathwork Specialist Diego Pauel

Diego Pauel

Diego Pauel is a certified yoga teacher and freelance freediving instructor. Through freediving and breathwork, Diego has learned that breath is key to influence our central nervous system and, as humans, we can experience that to the fullest with all its benefits. Over the last two years, Diego has facilitated over 200 sessions and worked with more 3,000 participants. Embark on this unique, transformative breath journey using breathwork to experience the power of breathing and deep meditation. Through Diego's expert guidance, allow yourself to release any emotional trauma and clear the space for inspiration and creativity.

“Breathwork offers the opportunity to release emotional trauma and gain transformative insight. It's the ultimate self-care experience.”

Treatments are available at the Secret Garden Spa or in the privacy of your villa with advance reservations. Prices and treatments are subject to change without notice. Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% government tax.