Sounds Healer Svetlana Kaivalya plays Tibetan singing bowls

Svetlana Kaivalya

Holistic Sound Healer
With over 20 years of experience, Svetlana Kaivalya has grasped the art of sound therapy, achieving certifications in sound therapy, Reiki, mindfulness teaching and music. Her global training spans schools in Poland, Spain and Russia, with advanced courses like the Toronto Sound Therapy for trauma healing and the Soul Remember Academy for sound medicine. Kaivalya’s sessions are transformative, using vibrational sound patterns to promote stress reduction, emotional release and deep relaxation. Her techniques foster a free flow of vital energy, enhancing well-being and inducing states of deep relaxation and presence.
Reiki Energy Healer Ronan Cullen


Dedicated to the practice of Reiki since 2006, Ronan Cullen has honed his skills to alleviate wide-ranging concerns in the physical and emotional realm. Healing the physical through a focus on emotional balance, he uses this ancient technique with a holistic approach to balance the mind, body and spirit. By directing the flow of energy, he helps clients regain inner strength, reduce anxiety, fight stress, and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Thijs Coolen

Breathwork healer
With a solid foundation in healthcare and a specialization in mental health, Thijs Coolen has refined his expertise to guide you through transformative breathwork sessions. In the serene setting of our Spa, he offers a bespoke approach to discovering your inner peace and balance and enhancing the tranquil island life experience. Dive into a world of calm and rejuvenation with Coolen and explore personalized techniques designed to enhance your well-being at our tropical retreat.


Madhav West brings over 20 years of expertise in an array of holistic practices including nutrition, herbal medicine, yoga and energy psychology. With a strong academic background and a deep passion for promoting well-being, he is committed to empowering you on your wellness journey. Experience transformative relaxation techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Pranayama, or receive personalized holistic health guidance. West skillfully blends ancient wisdom with modern practices to ensure your journey to wellness is both enlightening and rejuvenating.
David Stojanovic wearing a green scoop-neck t-shirt

David Stojanovic

Metta healer
David Stojanovic has gifted since his childhood to see, feel and heal. He helps people worldwide by reducing their pain; relieving suffering; healing physical, emotional and mental wounds; and supporting them through transformations. Stojanovic’s path began with shamanism and by intuitive energy reading. He discovered the pure, naive and natural symbiosis he had with his surroundings, observing the affections between his own being and others. Translating from Pali to “loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, goodwill and active interest in others” embark on a journey of healing and connection with Stojanovic as he explores the depths of “metta.”

“When I heal, I'm not just working on removing the pain, I'm connecting with your subconscious mind to make you aware of what is causing you to experience a certain pain or problem.”