Omesh Langmann

Astrologist and Palmist
Omesh Langmann has more than 25 years of experience in astrology and palmistry. Through an interactive session, allow him to help you uncover challenges and understand opportunities in the months ahead.

“The birth chart is an image of the energy constellation and vibration. It’s unique to each person. Discover what’s written in your hands and make the most of this knowledge. It may be the right time to invest in a business, embark on a new adventure or even fall in love.”

Sound healer Apikwan Wangdan

Apikwan Wangdan

Sound Healer
Passionate and empathetic, Apikwan “Oum” Wangdan is a certified sound healer and yoga instructor. She trusts in the transformative ability of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls to help harmonize and allow deep relaxation for both the mind and body.
Sound therapists Svetlana Kaivalya, Dmitry Vrubel and Valerie Alken posed on top of rocks by the beach

Shantika Sound

Sound Healers
Svetlana Kaivalya, Dmitry Vrubel and Valerie Alken of Shantika Sound have a wealth of combined experience and in-depth knowledge in the fields of yoga, sound therapy and music. Together they have developed a unique approach to healing that weaves modern scientific methods with ancient holistic practices. Certified by prestigious organizations such as the International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA), the Institute of Conscious Evolution (IOCE) and Toronto Sound Therapy, the trio is dedicated to helping you achieve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being through their sessions.
Reiki Energy Healer Ronan Cullen


Dedicated to the practice of Reiki since 2006, Ronan Cullen has honed his skills to alleviate wide-ranging concerns in the physical and emotional realm. Healing the physical through a focus on emotional balance, he uses this ancient technique with a holistic approach to balance the mind, body and spirit. By directing the flow of energy, he helps clients regain inner strength, reduce anxiety, fight stress, and restore physical and emotional well-being.