Join Head Bartender Jan Jurecka at TELU, our Resort’s aromatic herb and cocktail garden, to learn how to make zero-waste sustainable cocktails and learn about Bali’s ancient arak (Balinese rice wine) traditions.

Hours & Duration

Monday to Sunday
12:00 noon – 2:00 pm
90 minutes

Private or group (up to 8 participants) bookings also available.

Experience Bali’s Heritage

  • TELU’s open-air design features 100% repurposed and upcycled materials and an arak cellar, where our bartenders revive the ancient practice of clay pot–aged arak.

  • Telu garden tour

    Pick your favourite herbs and spices from the on-site gardens. Our bartenders will create a personalized cocktail for you and share the recipe for you to take home.​

  • Telu Aged Arak

    Learn about the traditional uses and medicinal benefits of arak.

  • Two women enjoy cocktails at TELU?s bar, smiling male bartender pouring a drink in the background

    Our new rustic-chic cocktail bar is a celebration of modern mixology deeply rooted in a soulful connection to Bali’s heritage, environment and people.

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