Visiting Masters

Connect to some of the wellness industry’s brightest stars with The Heart of the Earth Spa’s year-round visiting practitioners and well-being gurus program. Immerse yourself in holistic practices – Energy Healing, Sixth Sense Readings, Aura-Soma® Colour Therapy and Chakra Balancing, for example – all within our award-winning sanctuary.

  • A portrait of Visiting Master Ryko Kalinko striking a healing post with the sun shining brightly behind him
    July 2 - 16, 2020

    Guided Chi Healing with Ryko Kalynko

    An internationally renowned healer, Qigong master, Yoga Instructor, and natural wellness mentor with 20 years’ experience of Eastern and Western wellness approaches, Ryko specialises in relieving chronic or longstanding pain. His unique modality, Guided Chi Healing, helps the mind to command energy within the body, leading to an increase in vitality and the ability to self-heal.

Guided Chi Healing
Learn transformative tools for empowered healing – meditation with breathing exercises and awareness techniques that release unconscious patterns of tension and relieve chronic aches and pains. 60 MINUTES - VND 3,800,000++ 90 MINUTES - VND 5,200,000++
Remedial Bodywork
Ryko’s core expertise is in relieving bodily aches and pains by tracing them to their source. Using techniques drawn from both Western and Eastern massage traditions, Ryko can solve most muscular issues, even chronic pain. 60 MINUTES - VND 3,800,000++ 90 MINUTES - VND 5,200,000++
Lomi Lomi
This flowing form of Hawaiian bodywork therapy is designed to emulate the action of waves, dissolving tension and promoting deep relaxation. 60 MINUTES - VND 3,800,000++ 90 MINUTES - VND 5,200,000++
A powerful form of therapy based on a light-touch or non-touch influencing of the energy body, described as “food for the immortal body”. 60 MINUTES - VND 3,800,000++ 90 MINUTES - VND 5,200,000++
Complimentary Classes
Join Ryko for a complimentary group class or book your own private class, featuring a dynamic combination of Qigong, Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Guided Dance and Power Breathing. GROUP CLASS: 75 MINUTES - COMPLIMENTARY PERSONAL CLASS: 75 MINUTES - VND 2,400,000++ PRIVATE CLASS (FOR 2 PERSONS): 75 MINUTES - VND 3,000,000++ PRIVATE CLASS (FOR 4 PERSONS): 75 MINUTES - VND 4,000,000++
  • September 1– 16, 2020

    Alex Scrimgeour: Dien Chan Facial and Body Reflexology

    A skilled and intuitive London-based acupuncturist and massage therapist, Alex specialises in stress and trauma resolution and is passionate about helping people achieve optimum health and happiness. He uses the Vietnamese system of facial reflexology, Dien Chan, to release tension from the head, neck and face and create a positive effect throughout the body: soothing and balancing the nervous and hormonal systems; reducing inflammation; boosting immunity, and releasing emotional blocks.

Dien Chan Facial Reflexology
Based on an awareness that the face is deeply connected to many aspects of our health, Dien Chan focuses on mapping out and harnessing these connections for healing and rejuvenation. Using special massage tools and advanced techniques, Dien Chan creates a positive cascade of wellbeing that releases tension and emotional stress via 300 individual points on the face. 60 MINUTES - VND 3,950,000++ 90 MINUTES - VND 5,650,000++
Full Body Reflexology
Using a unique combination of Dien Chan facial reflexology and traditional Chinese hand and foot pressure massage, Alex takes you on a journey of profound healing. Focusing on the areas of the body with the highest density of nerves – the face, hands and feet – this powerful treatment helps activate your parasympathetic mode of relaxation and wellbeing, improving mental and physical health and promoting a state of balance and bliss. 90 MINUTES - VND 5,650,000++
  • Chakra Balance Aura-Soma®
    October 15 – 30, 2020

    Patricia Sharkey: "Drop in to Life" and Chakra Balancing

    Colour your world with clarity with Tricia – a Global Teacher and Mentor for Heal Your Life™, co-founder of Drop Into Life™ Pty Ltd, International Colour and Massage Teacher, Therapist and Consultant. Devoted to the exploration of harmony, health and healing through colour, Tricia connects people with their true potential and inspires them to live their life in a meaningful way.

Drop Into Life™ Consultation
Open the door to self-discovery and clarity through colour: you’ll be amazed at the accuracy and meaning of the colours you choose. Tricia will help you discover your gifts and potential and will create a personal supportive essential oil recipe and affirmations to further colour your world. 60 MINUTES - VND 4,280,000++
Drop Into Life™ Soul Treatment
A deeply relaxing massage to rejuvenate the very essence of self. Great for physical or mental overload, you will leave feeling at peace within. For optimal effect, book a Drop Into Life™ Consultation to create a personalised massage oil for use in the treatment. 75 MINUTES - VND 4,750,000++
Chakra Balance Massage with Aura-Soma® Oils
Restore harmony and wellbeing with this combination of healing techniques including Aura-Soma® oils, crystals, sound and breath work. Balancing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, this treatment will leave you feeling nurtured, loved and safe. 90 MINUTES - VND 5,500,000++
  • A woman meditates peacefully on the beach near the ocean at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai
    October 28 – November 12, 2020

    Marco Della Valle: Sixth Sense Readings

    Marco Della Valle is an internationally renowned Psychic Medium. In addition to Psychic and Mediumship readings, he has worked on numerous crimes and missing persons cases and has a radio segment and magazine column in Australia. Whether you’re feeling stuck in life, want to establish facts about your past, present or future, or wish to connect to a loved one who has passed over, Marco’s incredible sixth sense provides intriguing guidance and direction.

Psychic Reading
Marco will connect with your aura to establish facts about your past and present situation, and offer direction to help you move forward. Ideal if you’re feeling stagnant, need help with a situation, or want to know what lies ahead. All information is delivered in a practical and detailed way. 60 MINUTES - VND 4,280,000++
Mediumship Reading
Using his refined sixth senses of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience, Marco will connect with your loved ones in spirit, providing evidence of who they are, and what they want you to know. A unique opportunity to connect with someone special or obtain closure with those who have passed away. 60 MINUTES - VND 4,280,000++
  • Woman lying under white sheet on massage table, eyes closed as spa staff rubs lotion on her chin
    December 9 – 21, 2020

    Jeannette Von Johnsbach: Andreas Method Energy Healing

    Join Jeannette von Johnsbach – Founder of The Andreas Method™ and the Energy Healing Expert at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills – for a gentle yet profoundly healing hands-on therapy that holds the key to personal liberation.

The Andreas Method™
Jeannette von Johnsbach has more than 25 years of experience as a skilled wellness practitioner. She developed The Andreas Method™ from her family tradition of hands-on healing and natural spirituality in addition to her extensive exploration of naturopathic and Eastern therapies in Europe, the Americas and India. Named the premier Energy Healer in Los Angeles by Angeleno Magazine, Jeannette’s unique method was recently featured as a top Wellness Trend in the official Global Wellness Summit Trend Report 2019. INDIVIDUAL: 60 MINUTES - VND 4,800,000++ INDIVIDUAL: 90 MINUTES - VND 6,200,00++
Couple Treament
Deepen your connection, strengthen your romantic ties, and invigorate your love life. 90 MINUTES - VND 6,500,000++
Friends & Family Treatment
Improve communication and cleanse generational family energy blockages. 90 MINUTES - VND 9,700,000++


  • January 22 – February 5, 2020


    Join an in-flight session with Christopher, an acrobat from Utah whose quest for innovation led him to the World Games in gymnastics, to Hollywood as a dancer, to Broadway as a choreographer and into history as the father of AntiGravity® Yoga. Reconnect body and mind with Christopher's elevating and expressive practice.

Stretch your body further; allow your mind to delve deeper; and let your spirit play in suspended movement. Christopher brings unparalleled experience and expertise to this uplifting and mindful aerial art. 60 MINUTES - VND 1,600,000++
Discover news ways to connect with body and mind – and feel totally supported. Tailored to your fitness level and body type, this one-on one session will increase your kinetic awareness, release unwanted pain and leave you feeling aligned and at ease. 75 MINUTES - VND 4,000,000++
  • February 15 – March 2 and June 15 – 30, 2020

    Rashdy Ahmad: The Healing Hand

    Known as The Healing Hand, Malaysian-born Rashdy hails from a long line of healers: his father was a medicine man, his mother a midwife, and his grandfather practised traditional cupping using buffalo horn. Rashdy began treating people at the age of 16 and now travels the world, sharing his extraordinary techniques in the areas of traditional Malaysian cupping, energy healing, and therapeutic healing massage to resolve musculoskeletal and psychological conditions.

Cupping Ritual
Drawing on Malaysia’s cultural influences combined with local coconut oil, cupping (‘bekam’ in Indonesian Bahasa) has been practised for centuries to release stiff connective tissues, draw out toxins, reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Please note suction marks may be visible for up to 10 days. 60 MINUTES - VND 3,800,000++ 90 MINUTES - VND 5,000,000++
Energy Healing
Rashdy uses Nur – a spiritual energy without timeframe or borders – inherent in all individuals. Placing his hand on the area requiring treatment, he draws on his intuitive skills as a Reiki master alongside vibrational energy healing through Imara Reiki to resolve physical, mental and emotional blockages. 60 MINUTES - VND 3,800,000++ 90 MINUTES - VND 5,000,000++
Therapeutic Healing Massage
In this unique treatment, Rashdy uses deep tissue massage and energy healing to manipulate the body’s soft tissues. Together, this powerful combination can resolve a range of musculoskeletal problems including pain, as well as provide relaxation, improve confidence and reduce anxiety. 60 MINUTES - VND 3,800,000++ (approx. USD 165++) 90 MINUTES - VND 5,000,000++ (approx. USD 215++)

Note: All prices are exclusive of applicable service fees, taxes.

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