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Wedding Packages

Our wedding packages are designed to make your day unforgettable. The flowers and cake, venue and decorations – we take care of it all, weaving in the most romantic local traditions and indulgent extras for you and your love. Your personal wedding planner will be on hand to help you customize your celebration and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Chrysanthemum Package

Inspired by the golden flower symbolizing purity and serenity, this package fills your special day with sophistication.

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Special feature

Romantic set dinner at La Sen with one bottle of Bollinger Brut NV

Orchid Package

Named for a flower associated with royalty, love and beauty, this package upgrades your wedding arch, decorations, drinks and dinner.

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Special feature

90-minute couple's spa treatment, including releasing a paper lantern into the lagoon

Lotus Package

Taking the name of Vietnam's national flower, this package adds even more luxury to your celebration and stay.

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Special feature

Two-hour couple's spa treatment, including paper lantern release, and romantic beach barbecue dinner with a bottle of Bollinger Vintage Rosé Ay

Vietnamese Song Hy Package

Celebrate your "song hy" (double happiness) with a traditional wedding package honouring Vietnam's rich cultural heritage.

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Special feature

Buddhist monk blessing and a tea ceremony

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