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  • Visiting practitioner Kirsten Diesler
    April 4–15

    Kirsten Diesler

    Kirsten Diesler has nearly two decades of general clinical acupuncture experience in both international private settings, and for the UK National Health Service (NHS). As a founding member of the Zita West UK National Network for Reproductive Health, Diesler is also specially trained in fertility and pregnancy and has successfully treated patients undergoing various assisted conception methods.

Five Elements Acupuncture

Drawing on the five energetic elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water as diagnostic tools, Diesler’s treatments holistically address your unique physical, mental and emotional well-being. From boosting the immune system to reaching a state of inner peace, each session is personalized to your goals.
Initial Diagnosis and treatment
90 MINUTES – VND 7,050,000
Follow-up session
45 MINUTES – VND 5,063,000
Three sessions (including initial diagnosis)
VND 15,187,500 (One 90-minute initial session and two 45-minute follow-up sessions)
Five sessions (including initial diagnosis)
VND 23,970,000 (One 90-minute initial session and four 45-minute follow-up sessions)

Prices are exclusive of service charges and taxes. 

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