For tennis enthusiasts, Peninsula Papagayo Club offers three tennis courts and three pickleball courts with clay-like Har-Tru surfaces. Our tennis program includes weekly clinics, private and semi-private lessons, rentals and more.


Tennis and Pickleball Offerings

Court Fees
Tennis | USD 25 per player per hour Pickleball | USD 20 per player per hour Complimentary tennis raquet and pickleball paddles
Tennis Lessons
50 Minutes | USD 150 30 Minutes | USD 85 USD 25 for each additional player
Pickleball Lessons
50 Minutes | USD 150 30 Minutes | USD 85 USD 25 for each additional player
Ball Machine for Tennis or Pickleball
USD 70 Court fee included on Har-tru for up to two people
Racquet Stringing
USD 50 per racquet
Tennis Shoes

An additional 13% tax fee applies per service.


Tennis clinics are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Pickleball clinics are held every Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.
  • Couple playing tennis on court, man prepares to serve tennis balls to woman ready to swing
    MONDAY: Drills Workout

    This workout is ideal for players looking for fast-paced drills.

  • Tennis ball on tennis court with shadow of net
    Tuesday: Cardio Tennis

    This clinic is geared to players of all playing abilities to get a fantastic cardio workout while improving their game.

  • WEDNESDAY: Doubles Strategy

    Intended for intermediate to advanced doubles players, this clinic focuses on positioning strategy, drills and fun match playing.

  • THURSDAY: Groundstrokes

    Improve your game with terrific tips to understand how to hit a better groundstroke through live ball hitting drills.

  • Close-up of tennis racket against net, three green tennis balls on ground
    FRIDAY: Drills Workout

    Similar to Monday's clinic, this is for players looking to get a great workout through fast-paced drills.

USD 45 + 13% tax per person (includes racquet).

Clinics are not available from December 17 to January 6.

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