Bahrain Bay boasts an immersive artistic culture, and we want you to experience it like a local. To get you started, we asked our team at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay for their top recommendations to make your visit one to truly remember.
Several large columns made of grey stone.

Where Our Executive Administrative Assistant Likes to Take a Stroll

– Sumrah Khan, Executive Administrative Assistant

“Bahrain’s Pearling Path is a World Heritage Site inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List that consists of the magical ruins of Amarat Yousif Abdurrahman Fakhro, a special place that inspires many local artists and designers. I enjoy walking through the shops, houses and the fort.”

A man crafts pottery in a workshop with dozens of clay vases surrounding him.

How Our Guest Relations Manager Connects with Local Artisans

– Khaled al Gannas, Guest Relations Manager

“Located next to the 4,000-year-old Dilmun Burial Mounds, the A’ali Pottery & Ceramic workshop showcases a traditional Bahraini craft that comes in beautiful shapes, colours and sizes. The pottery is formed using water and a type of mud collected from the nearby flats of Riffa, then crafted using an artisan wheel. I have many childhood memories here and find it meaningful that kids today may also try their hand at this ancient craft. I love to see the potters in action and learn to mold this medium with my own hands using a method passed down through generations.”

A man stands in front of a loom with a series of colourful threads.

Our Front Desk Supervisor’s Favourite Place to Bring His Daughter

– Mohammed Hassan, Front Desk Supervisor

“I like to spend time at the Al Jasara Handicrafts Centre to learn about Bahrain’s most treasured traditions practised by our ancestors: the art of Bahraini ship making, A’ali pottery, cloth and basket weaving, and Sadow making. I enjoy bringing my daughter here and learning to craft together. When you visit, you may also create your own hand-made souvenir to take home.”

A woman in a yellow dress stands in the centre of a market under a series of bright lamps.

Where Our Safety and Loss Prevention Officer Goes Shopping

– Isa Habib, Safety and Loss Prevention Officer

“The Bab Al-Bahrain Souq and its small alleyways come alive in the mornings, with vendors selling everything from Arabic spices to gold jewellery. The Souq is mostly famous for selling Bahraini gold and pearls in traditional and unique designs. Stop by any street café and order a traditional coffee or karak tea for an authentic experience. I spend many mornings here and enjoy ordering a traditional breakfast from the local cafés.”

A series of grey columns above a tiled floor.

Where Our Chief Accountant Goes to Pray

– Mohammed Jehan, Chief Accountant

“The Rashid Al Zayani is an architectural masterpiece that features Turkish-style pencil minarets, domes and half-domes with beautiful calligraphy of Quran verses adorning the interior. In addition to providing a space for prayer, the mosque accommodates majlis, classrooms and a community centre. I come here to pray at least once every day, but even if you don’t practise, you can still visit to tour this beauty.”

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