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Four Seasons Resort and Residences


Local Time

Local Temperature

-8 °C / 18 °F


Summer Activities

Linking Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola offers unprecedented access to spectacular vistas and mountain hiking terrain. In addition to more than 40 kilometres (25 miles) of trails atop Whistler Mountain, an additional 10 kilometres (6 miles) of trails will be newly reopened this season for hiking on top of Blackcomb Mountain.

Land activities


Many routes for self-guided day or overnight hikes are available in the valley and on surrounding mountains during the summer.  High-tech lifts will take you high above the Village on Whistler Mountain, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through meadows bursting with wildflowers and hike marked trails that lead to serene alpine lakes. Heli-hiking trips offer exciting alpine adventures. The best time for hiking (particularly in alpine areas) is from July to October, when you can view a variety of flora and fauna.

Horseback riding

Join in on an unforgettable day of fun, riding through lush meadows, across rivers and along shaded lakeside paths. Or saddle up and explore Blackcomb Mountain. Evening wagon rides are also available.

Mountain biking

Whistler offers unsurpassed biking experiences, from paved paths and heli-biking to alpine tours and lift-accessed mountain descents. Rent a bike by the hour or by the day, or take a guided tour that includes a mountain bike and accessories.

  • Whistler Mountain Bike Park – Whistler Mountain Bike Park offers trails for experience riders. The largest bike park in North America, this world-class park offers trails suited to a wide variety of tastes and abilities.
  • Whistler Valley Trail System – The Whistler Valley Trail System is perfect for families and for those who prefer a gentler pace. It stretches for 35 paved kilometres (22 miles) and meanders past picturesque lakes, through tranquil forested areas and around pro-designed golf courses, and is surrounded by mountains.

Summer skiing/snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding is available even in the summer season. Blackcomb Mountain's Horstman Glacier, a remnant of the ice age, opens for summer skiing and boarding from June through August, weather conditions permitting.

Land Tours

All terrain vehicle adventures (ATV tours)
Learn to ride an ATV and explore a network of wide mountain trails or head out with a guide to singing Pass, the hidden valley between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.

Bear viewing tours
Rising above Whistler Village are the vast coastal hemlock-cedar forests of the Whistler Blackcomb ski area. These forests interspersed with ski trails provide diverse food and shelter for some 50 black bears. Experience the pristine views of wildlife, glacial peaks and memorable sunsets in a 4x4 vehicle. Travel through deep old growth coastal hemlock-cedar forests, visit active bear dens, daybeds and feeding sites. Witness evening play between a mother and her cubs. Bear viewing is a popular summer activity and due to limited availability we highly recommend booking in advance.

Glacier tours
Get stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valley from atop a glacier. Our Concierge team can recommend different tours depending upon your interests as well as transportation options using a helicopter, gondola or 4x4 to access the glacier. Under the tutelage of seasoned guides, you'll learn about glaciology and basic safety while walking on the top of the world. And don't forget to bring a Four Seasons picnic to complete your memorable adventure!

Helicopter tours
Helicopters give you a bird's eye view of Whistler Resort, Blackcomb, Whistler Mountains and the best of Garibaldi Park. The view encompasses the coastal range as far as the eye can see, including glacial flows, peaks, rivers and glacier fed lakes. Heli picnic and hiking tours are also available.

Hummer adventures
Safe, fun, and educational Hummer Tours will take you deep into the backcountry and high up the rugged mountains around Whistler. Travel up to a glacier for a snowball fight in the middle of summer, or cruise to a quiet plateau for a breathtaking view of the sunset.

Mountain ecology tours

Experience the wildlife, vegetation, glaciers and rainforest of Whistler Blackcomb Mountains. View wildlife on ski trails as you learn how conservation and enhancement initiatives help to sustain healthy populations. Wander through pristine alpine meadows and old growth western hemlock forests. This tour differs from bear viewing in that it will cover a much broader perspective on our mountain ecosystems.


Climb to the top of Blackcomb Peak with a certified, professional mountain guide. Due to its alpine setting, climbing to the summit of Blackcomb Mountain involves a mix of mountaineering disciplines. Difficulty: moderate to challenging.

Rock climbing
Friendly and qualified rock guides do all the safety work while you enjoy your climbs and rappels in Cal-Cheak, a tranquil and beautiful old growth wilderness. The Great Wall also offers wilderness adventure tours where under the canopy of an old growth forest and amidst stunning vistas of the Coastal Mountains, you will scale a rock bluff, cross a challenging Burma bridge, fly across an exciting zip-line and finish with an exhilarating rappel.

Platforms built high up in the forest canopy are linked together by thick cables. Our expert guides show you how to safely use specialised equipment, allowing you to soar high above the forest floor between massive, ancient pines. Also included is an eco-based interpretive tour of the forest and mankind's role in preserving it.

Water activities

Whistler's lakes and parks

Five lakes and countless rivers dot the Whistler Valley, offering ample opportunity to swim, board sail, canoe, kayak, sail, or just relax and soak up the sun on a warm sandy beach. Whistler offers a selection of park and beach facilities all within walking or biking distance from Whistler Village. 

  • Lost Lake – Just north of the Resort and within walking distance, this park offers excellent picnic and barbecue spots. It has plenty of grass and a sandy gold beach; as well as a concession stand. This park has washrooms, trash receptacles, and pets are allowed. It has a magnificent trail running around the park and connecting to Green Lake, perfect for a sunny bike ride, hike or jog.

  • Green Lake – North of the Resort, this glacier-fed lake is too cold for swimming but is popular for its views and photo opportunities. A boat launch for water skiers, canoeists, wakeboarders, and sailors is located in Emerald Estates. Canoe rentals are available at the Edgewater Lodge, as well as picnicking facilities. A float plane facility is located at the south end of the lake next to the Nicklaus North Golf Course.

  • Alta Lake – South of the Resort, on the west side of highway 99, this lake has three parks and beaches. Rainbow Park is located on the northwest side of the lake. Accessible by either the Valley Trail or Alta Lake Road Rainbow Park has a dock, large sand beach area, and beach volley ball courts. This park is ideal for windsurfing and some other amenities provided are; washrooms, trash receptacles, picnic tables, barbecue pits, and pop machines. Lakeside Park is located on the east side of the lake, in the Alta Visa subdivision and right on the Valley Trail. The park offers a grassy play area for children as well as a small sand beach and dock. Complete water sport rentals are available for non motorized crafts; such as, canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats. Wayside Park is a small park south of Lakeside Park on the Valley Trail, ideal for canoeing and swimming. There is a gold sand beach, picnic area, and washrooms.

  • Nita Lake – Whistler's smallest lake is in the Whistler Creek area between Alta and Alpha lakes, on the Valley Trail.

  • Alpha Lake – Also in the Whistler Creek area, Alpha Lake Park offers a small, gold sand beach and a grassy picnic area. An elaborate tree house provides a great playground for children, while beach volleyball and tennis courts are available to all ages.

  • Meadow Park – Next to the Meadow Park Sports Centre, in Alpine Meadows, this park is a hub of activity in the summer. There are two baseball diamonds, a children's water park, tennis courts and a small children's playground. The Valley Trail and the River of Golden Dreams pass right through the park.

Water Tours

River rafting/jet boating
Local raft companies offer everything from an hour-long float trip to a multi-day adventure exploring rivers of the Whistler area. Jet boat trips will see adventure seekers zipping to the headwaters to view waterfalls and wildlife, and riding the waves for an unforgettable thrill. Scenic and whitewater rafting excursions, "raft and dine" and "saddle and paddle" trips, as well as, jet boating and kayak instruction are available on local lakes and rivers.

Canoe and kayak adventures
Spend a day floating around on a lake and relax on the beach shores. Cruise down the River of Golden Dreams. Paddle in a canoe, kayak or double kayak. Keep your eyes open and cameras ready for the wildlife that can be spotted along the way.

Guided fishing trips to catch trout, Dolly Varden, char and steelhead can be arranged. "Catch and release" is strongly encouraged. Luxury salmon fishing – for chinook, coho, pink, chum and sockeye salmon – is also offered year-round at Sonora Resort, on an Inside Passage island an hour's flight from Whistler, and at Peregrine Lodge, at the northern edge of the Queen Charlotte Islands, a two-hour flight from Whistler. Licenses are required.

White water rafting
Summer brings white water fun to Whistler resort. The surrounding peaks and rugged coastal valleys are natural ingredients for great river running. Enjoy a majestic backcountry beauty and excitement at some of the area's local rivers. Family float tours are available for ages 5 and above.

Wilderness canoe tours
Canoe in historical Lilloet or Ryan River and see beautiful waterfalls, ancient cedar groves and photograph the spectacular Coastal Mountain scenery.

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