Let us help you plan your most exciting family adventure yet. On top of our safari experiences, our Lodge offers something for guests of all ages. Youngsters can spend the morning with a Maasai warrior or learn how to study animals from a wildlife expert, while teenagers can learn and interact at the Discovery Centre, helping to contribute to ongoing wildlife research projects.
Age group
2–17 years (adult supervision required for those under 4 years)
Program Hours
Daily 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Lodge Highlights

A Trip They Won’t Soon Forget

  • Striped hot air balloon hovers over Serengeti field
    Once-in-a-lifetime Experiences

    With so much to see, rise early to board a hot-air balloon safari (available for children ages 7 and above) and marvel at breathtaking views of the wildlife and nature below, or pass an unforgettable evening with a family dinner out in the bush.

  • Young girl takes photos of elephants from backseat of safari Jeep
    Family Safari

    Experience an unforgettable family vacation in the heart of the Serengeti National Park. With raised, protected walkways and the constant security of the Maasai warriors, Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti offers peace of mind for your family’s safety amongst the raw wilderness of one of Africa’s greatest safari locations.

  • Maasai warrior holds hands, walks with young girl down wood bridge
    Maasai for the Morning

    Spend the morning with a Maasai warrior who will pass on some of his bush skills and traditions, such as how to make fire, how to make a toothbrush from a tree and how the Maasai use plants as medicine. You can also learn some Maasai beading and enjoy some African storytelling.

Sample Activities

  • Setting up remote-camera traps around the Lodge
  • Nature walks along the Lodge’s walkways
  • Fun sessions with local Maasai on culture and tradition
  • African storytelling
  • Arts and crafts, including Maasai beading workshops
  • Swahili language lessons
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Tree planting

For Families, Kids and Teens

Serengeti Passport
All kids staying at the Lodge are given a Serengeti Passport to help them keep track of – and encourage them to learn more about – all of the animals they spot during their stay.
Movie Nights
The Kijana Klub also offers Kids Movie Nights. Kids can enjoy a movie and dinner while being supervised by one of our Kijana Klub attendants. A limited babysitting service also is available at an additional charge.
Cooking Classes
Kids can go behind the scenes with a private chef for a cooking class at which they bake and cut out cookies in the shape of their favourite animals.
Kids Yoga
While parents are enjoying a relaxing spa treatment, kids may discover some simple yoga postures in a fun and engaging session. Benefiting both the mind and body, the ancient art of yoga can help children develop in sports, at home and at school.

Need to Know

For Families with Young Children
Because of the unique nature of Four Seasons Safari Lodge, only guests ages 2 and over are permitted.
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