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Savour the aromas of Balinese cuisine and talk to the chef as you watch your meal being cooked right before your eyes in Sokasi’s riverside kitchen. This intimate seven-course dinner highlights forgotten recipes and classics like babi guling suckling pig and bebek betutu whole duck, slow-roasted in a traditional underground clay oven.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday
7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Signature Dishes

  • Ayam Timbugan
    Ayam Timbungan

    Chicken, Balinese Spice, Belimbing Garden Herbs

  • Sokasi Restaurant Babi Guling
    Babi Guling

    Pork Belly, Thousand Spices, Belimbing Buluh Purée, Lawar, Urutan Crumbles

  • Jagung Pangung
    Jagung Panggang

    Baby Corn, Kacang Giling, Base Gede and Sambal Merah

  • Bebek Betutu

    12-hour Roasted Duck, Base Gede, Fernshoot Lawah

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