Meet Our Wellness Practitioners

Dr. Joshua Waschak, Chiropractor
Let our doctor of chiropractic Dr. Joshua Waschak help you find the perfect alignment for optimal health. Chiropractic adjusting helps alleviate discomfort to improve strength and mobility so you can better enjoy your stay. Initial exam: 50 minutes, USD 225 Cranial Release: 50 minutes, USD 280 Follow-up Appointment: 25 minutes, USD 140
Dr. Jayme Jensen
Dr. Jayme Jensen is a Holistic Doctor and the developer of Shanti Kai™ Essences. She combines Aura Reading & Clearing, Clairvoyant Energywork with remote Vibrational Essence Therapies™, Natural Health Consulting and Phychospiritual Healing Clairvoyant Healing: 60 minutes, USD 350 Holographic Memory Resolution (developed by Brent Baum): 60 minutes, USD 350
Dr. Debra Greene
Debra Greene, PhD, is a practitioner of various healing arts who facilitates deep and lasting transformation in her customized, consciousness-based work. She has been an innovator in mind-body integration and energy healing for over 25 years. Inner Clarity: 120 minutes, USD 315 The Tapping: 60 minutes, USD 120
Juliet Butters Doty
Juliet Butters Doty is our in-house Astrologer and self-described “soul-whisperer,” taking her clients through an energetic process that ultimately relieves the cause of stress. Evolutionary Astrology Natal & Transit Chart Reading: 90 minutes, USD 250 Unwind the Soul Healing: 90 minutes, USD 275 Unwind the Soul Healing & Astrological Reading: 150 minutes, USD 400
Ruth Kramer
Ruth Kramer, Holistic Medium, is a Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master and Angel Reader for over 30 years and is committed to guiding her clients to greater peace and transformation in their lives. Virtual appointments only Intuitive Life Reading: 60 Minutes, USD 225
Alan Schroepfer
Alan Schroepfer is an acupuncturist and Body Worker, drawing from over 20 years of experience to customize individual healing experiences. Acupuncture: 50 minutes, USD 205 Acupuncture & Massage: 80 minutes, USD 270

Treatment Descriptions

*Virtual appointments are available.