Local Wellness Practitioners at Spa Mont-Blanc

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Alex Ata – Osteo Thai Massage
Ata spent more than 12 years in Asia studying and teaching with the greatest masters following the tradition of the ancient art of Thai massage. Today he has developed his own blend of treatments mixing western osteopathic principles and traditional Thai massage, to create an approach that views all body work as a healing meditation.
Andrea Cattozzo – Masseur, Shiatsu
With 17 years of experience and rich international experiences, Andrea has developed a signature massage deep renewing massage that combines of multiple techniques such as shiatsu, trigger point and reiki. To her, giving a massage is like reading a book – you never know what will be on the next page.
Fabienne Duffour – Therapist in Full Moon singing bowls
With 20 years of experience, Fabienne brings expertise to her sessions. She listens to you attentively, then adapts the sounds of fourteen bowls to your needs – whether to help relaxation, help release a blockage or guide you into reunion with yourself. With confidence, Fabienne invites you to discover and experience the benefits of sound-vibrations of her full moon bowls.
Vick Capt – Hypnotherapist & Life Coach, Transformer Performance Mentor
Vick, a graduate in Ericksonian Hypnosis and the creator of the CLE® method, brings 15 years of mentoring experience and a passion for helping you become the best version of yourself, to the spa. She believes everyone can choose to be who they want to be and helps you get there.
Pascal BUYCK – Pluridisciplinary Hypnotherapist
Thought his life has had many ups and downs, Pascal always finds the positive. With a diverse and the rich experience of studies and travels, he offers wisdom in guiding his clients to develop their inner brain strength. Through hypnosis, he helps you create new mental paths to become stronger, freer and enjoy a better life.