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Experience an integrated approach to spa and wellness designed to strengthen the connection between mind and body for increased health and happiness.

The WellWest Method

The WellWest Method is simply our time-proven philosophy that good health is based on five key pillars of wellness: Medically-Sound Data, Plant-Based Nutrition, Fitness & Movement, Life Balance and Healing Touch Therapies. Our experts in each field believe that by making small yet important changes, you can improve your health and therefore enjoy a better quality of life. Using this system, we have developed four focused weekend retreats to support your wellness goals. Our experts will use the latest technology and scientific findings to curate workouts, cooking classes and engaging workshop experiences that help you meet your wellness objectives. Along the way, savour thoughtful and delicious meals and snacks from our Wellness Kitchen, and take advantage of our state-of-the-art fitness centre. PRE-PROGRAM INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION WITH A PROGRAM ADVISOR ALL MEALS AND SNACKS PROVIDED BY THE WELLNESS KITCHEN DAILY GROUP WORKSHOPS AND WORKOUTS ONE BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS ASSESSMENT INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION IN LIFE STRATEGIES, FITNESS OR NUTRITION WELLNESS KITCHEN COOKING CLASSES Guided hikes and daily meditations Wellness Kitchen Cookbook Unlimited access to our state-of-the-art fitness centre and group classes during retreat dates 20% savings toward select wellness and spa services during retreat dates Follow up individual health consultation 4 days, 3 nights | All Inclusive
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