Located in the heart of the Old Town with stunning views of Vltava River and Prague Castle, Four Seasons Hotel Prague has it all – proximity, history and plenty of nearby destinations to explore. Who better to draw up a local guide than the Hotel’s in-the-know staff? Tailor your itinerary with their picks – then explore, retreat and repeat.
View looking out from under bridge of colourful building facades, church

Cultural Insights from Our Concierge Agent

– Stanislav Malek, Concierge Agent

“I recommend visiting a place most tourists haven’t heard of to discover the real Prague. One of my favourites is a picturesque district near Prague Castle called New World. We could call it the ‘Prague Montmartre,’ where all kinds of interesting artists like graphic designers, photographers, painters and animators reside in tiny, unique houses – including the only log house in the heart of the city.”

Our Pastry Sous Chef’s Best Bet for Czech Pastries

– Zsuzsanna Borsos, Pastry Sous Chef

“Get in touch with the local food culture on Saturday mornings by taking a stroll down Naplavka to the Farmers Market. Grab a traditional Czech pastry like a donut or plum cake at Pekárna Zlivice bakery and sit on the riverbank to watch the swans glide by while you savour your treat.”

Vltava River with bridges across, boats in water, landmarks on banks

Where Our Guest Experience Manager Unwinds with Friends

– Esther Maly, Guest Experience Manager

“The arts in Prague have much more to offer than the Gothic and Baroque splendours of the Old Town and Prague Castle. I like to take a tram with friends to the Trade Fair Palace to peruse the collection of European and Czech 20th-century modern art. Afterwards, you can explore the sophisticated Letná district with its vibrant food scene. You should try Letenský zámeček restaurant – the beer garden is a great place to mingle with friends and locals alike.”

Red theatre chairs with a violin resting on one.

Our Marketing Director’s Favourite Cultural Activity

– Martina Vavrova, Director of Marketing

“My idea of a perfect evening is to take in a Czech Philharmonic concert at Rudolfinum concert hall. To hear Dvorak, Bach, Smetana or Beethoven from an orchestra of 124 players in perfect harmony always fills me with joy and allows moments where I forget about everything else and indulge only in beauty.”