Jog through the olive groves accompanied by a professional running coach, hit the elliptical in our cardio room or find your centre during a yoga class. Our Resort provides the equipment and instruction you need to feel fit and energized.
Fitness Centre
7:00 am – 9:00 pm


  • Close-up of cardio elliptical machines in a row in fitness facility
    State-of-the-art Fitness Centre

    A variety of cardio machines and weight-training equipment are on hand for optimal, full-body workouts.

  • Looking down at young children playing on deck by dual swimming pools
    Dual Pools

    The free-form design and shallow corners of our family pool encourage boundless play, while the quiet pool provides space for undisturbed laps and restful lounging.

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes
Yoga classes upon request, 24 hours in advance

Fitness Classes

Personal Training (per person)
60 minutes, MAD 700
Outdoor Crossfit Session (per person)
60 minutes, MAD 800
Swimming Class (per person ages 4 and over)
30 minutes, MAD 400 60 minutes, MAD 600

Tennis Lessons

Private Lesson (per person)
60 minutes, MAD 900
Private Lesson (per person ages 4–17)
60 minutes, MAD 700
Clay Court Rental and Equipment
60 minutes, MAD 250

Padel Lessons

Private Lesson (per person)
60 minutes, MAD 900
Private Lesson (two people)
60 minutes, MAD 1,200
Court Rental (four people)
60 minutes, MAD 400 90 minutes, MAD 600
Court Rental and Equipment* (four people)
60 minutes, MAD 520 90 minutes, MAD 720 *Includes racquets and training balls Set of three additional balls, MAD 100 per set

More Fitness Classes

  • Pilates
  • Power stretching
  • Aquagym
  • Total body workout
  • Cardio balance
  • Body Sculpting
  • Kick-boxing
  • Jogging
  • Certified trainers on request
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