Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas is honoured to celebrate and showcase the rich and diverse art scene through our Artist in Residence program with a gallery in our corridor and lobby. The exhibitions by renowned artists present a curated selection of inspiring work.
Person standing in the middle of two statues facing one another.
May 22 – September 5, 2024
Become immersed in the spirit of athletes, and explore the intersection of art and athleticism through the captivating work of renowned American sculptor and contemporary figurative artist Richard MacDonald.

Over the last 25 years, I have worked closely with Four Seasons hotels and resorts worldwide and have found it to be a very synonymous relationship. I am honoured and pleased to present the history of my involvement in the world sports competitions and major sports in America and around the world. Please join me in celebrating the world sports competitions through art.

Statue of a person balancing on a circle with one hand.
Throughout our gallery corridor and lobby, uncover works from The Royal Ballet in London, as well as past world sports competitions. Experience the beauty and athleticism of various sports captured in bronze – from the graceful movements of a ballet dancer to the power of a sprinter in full stride, each work tells a story of passion, determination and triumph.