You’re invited not just to observe but also participate in preserving the rich everyday culture of Bali. Experience authentic Balinese crafts and practices in our interactive space dedicated to exhibitions and workshops in traditional art, music and crafts.

Experience Bali’s heritage

  • High Priest Aji Ngurah stands by shrine with black-and-white checkered umbrella, cloth, as man and woman make offering
    Shrine tour

    Find your true north in our lush, sea-facing water gardens, adorned by more than 300 shrines. You’ll learn about their symbolism and significance during the guided tour every Wednesday and Saturday.

  • Close-up of intricate carved wood statue, man's hands with carving knife visible behind
    Art and culture walk

    Join our resident Balinese expert on a stroll to hear local tales and discover the stories and significance of the incredible design, statues, carvings and artworks.

  • Balinese Dance Performance

    Relax in the stunning surroundings of our on-site temple and let us entertain you with an enthralling Balinese dance performance.

  • Exterior view of resort temple with stone wall, posts and carvings, tropical trees

    Join our resident Pemangku (Balinese priest) and discover more about the daily practices at our Resort’s main temple.

  • Gebogan Making
    Gebogan Making

    In Bali, every major ceremony features a gebogan (traditional fruit tower) as an offering to the supreme God seeking blessings for longevity, health and good fortune. These tall offerings consist of various local fruits, snacks and flowers arranged in layers on a pedestal tray. Make your own and see if you can walk the Bali walk.

Cultural Workshops

  • Canang offering
  • Painting class
  • Ceramic making
  • Songket weaving
  • Woodcarving
  • Sokasi basket making
  • Rice cake art
  • Traditional dance
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