Hotel Overview

  • A well lit dining outlet with white chairs, large windows and a gold bar.
  • A hotel guest room with a small sofa, coffee table and large window.
  • A dining outlet with square white cloth tables, arched windows and rugs on hard floor.
  • Bedroom with wooden floors, king bed, leather bench, arm chair, closet with mirrored doors and entrance into living room
  • A large structure and building in the distance behind trees on a sunny day.
  • A dining outlet with a large counter area with many small tables near it.
  • A long hall with arches, a counter with flowers and chairs to sit on.
  • an outdoor seating area with wooden chairs and tables and umbrellas.
  • A store with items and books on shelves and a small table with chairs.
  • A pastry store with small tables and chairs and a counter with an assortment of pastries and treats.
  • The lobby of a hotel with beige colouring and a large counter with computer screens.
  • We extend a warm welcome from our Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet family to yours

  • Discover the Old City of Istanbul with Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet


  • Corner of a hotel room, complete with a round table and two leather chairs, two lamps, an armchair, TV and windows
    Deluxe Room

    Varied views of greenery, the courtyard, St. Sophia or the Blue Mosque lend an unmistakable sense of Istanbul in our storied neoclassical edifice.

  • Hotel suite's living area, featuring a round table with two upholstered chairs, sofa, two coffee tables, colourful framed prints on the wall and two French windows
    Premier Room

    With a cozy sitting area and high ceilings, these spacious guest rooms let the light in through wood-framed windows and offer sweeping views of the courtyard, garden or streets.

  • Living room with sofa, two small wooden tables, stool, round dining table with two chairs, TV and two arched windows
    Four Seasons Executive Suite

    Lead a meeting with colleagues in the living room while your bedroom remains a private sanctuary behind doors and large French windows let in birdsong from the courtyard.

  • Living room with light pink walls, grey sofa, two arched windows, chandelier, coffee table
    One-Bedroom Suite

    Claim your own pied-à-terre in Istanbul, with the suite’s long, hardwood corridor and French windows that open to the lush garden.

  • White bed against wall, beige club chair in corner and terrace view out wood-trimmed windows
    Shahzade Suite

    Mingle with friends or relax in your living room, decorated with distinctively Turkish and neoclassical furnishings, or take in the courtyard views from your private balcony.


  • An outdoor eating area with a large covering.
    Avlu Restaurant
  • Terrace with outdoor table and blue cushioned chairs and the Blue Mosque in the background
    Süreyya Teras Lounge
  • A well lit dining outlet with white chairs, large windows and a gold bar.
    Lingo Lingo
  • A pastry shop with pastries in a glass case.
    La Pistache Patisserie