In the undisturbed waters of the Outer Amirantes, Desroches is a haven for flourishing flora and fauna, and a rich variety of marine life. Through our partnership with the Island Conservation Society, we seek to allow our guests and employees the opportunity to engage, connect and contribute through a series of environmentally educational activities.


  • Tortoise Feeding and Adoption

    Cycle over to the Tortoise Sanctuary to learn about our island’s oldest residents. After you’ve gotten to know these gentle giants, you may just fall in love with them! You can sponsor the growth of a juvenile tortoise by adopting one for a year, which helps the Island Conservation Society continue the great work they do to conserve these animals. Tortoise feeding: Complimentary | Tortoise adoption: EUR 50 per tortoise (bookable with Concierge)

  • Beach Clean-Up

    Even here, in our remote paradise, we are sadly not removed from the global issue of plastic in our oceans. Our team carries out regular beach clean-ups, removing plastics washed ashore for recycling.

  • Native Tree Planting

    Trees are the basic building blocks of our environment, providing diverse habitats for plants and animals. Unfortunately, in previous decades, the natural vegetation of Desroches was destroyed. You can help rebuild the native woodland by participating in tree planting with the Island Conservation Society.

  • Guided Turtle Beach Walk

    Accompany the Island Conservation Society to see if you can spot turtles coming to the beach to lay their eggs, a special moment that you could witness just once in your lifetime. Two species of turtles can be found nesting seasonally on the beaches of Desroches – Green turtles from January to September and hawksbill turtles from September to March. Fee: EUR 50 (adults) & EUR 25 (children)


To help protect and preserve our island’s environment, we have a number of sustainable actions and processes in place.

Minimizing Plastic
We don’t use any plastic bottles or straws across the Resort and have a glass water-bottling system and compostable straws in place instead. We use refillable ceramic containers for all bathroom amenities both in the Villas and at the Spa, and the garbage bags are made from eco-friendly materials.
Energy Saving
The climate in Desroches is tropical year-round, yet to reduce air conditioning consumption, we use low energy inverter units and monitor all areas to ensure these run at the lowest levels or are turned off when not required. This energy conservation approach is also seen in our use of low-wattage LED bulbs throughout all accommodations. For water heating, we employ a combination of a heat recovery system (repurposing the hot water from the radiator of our generator to heat water for the Resort operations) and solar power, with electrical water heating only used when surplus demand cannot be met.
We carefully collect elements – from kitchen oil and glass bottles to cans and engine oil – and send them for recycling off the island. We also have a number of recycling measures in place for the water used in our operations, whether it be collecting running water for irrigation purposes or reducing water consumption in laundry cycles by recycling last rinse water for the following primary wash cycles.

Home Grown and Locally Sourced

  • Aside from codfish, our seafood is locally sourced: yellowfin tuna, wahoo, grouper, snapper, jobfish, mahi mahi, calamari and octopus. We also grow a number of our own herbs and vegetables on property, in addition to coconuts and palm heart.