October 21–24, 2018


Kyoto is your gateway to Old Japan. We’ll help you unlock the centuries-old magic that fills the streets, temples and gardens of the city that emperors once called home.

Kyoto Geisha

Not to Be Missed

 Learn the secrets of samurai sword fighting

Learn the secrets of samurai sword fighting

Become a samurai for a day as you learn to draw, pose and swing your katana, the traditional sword used by ancient Japanese warriors. Tetsuro Shimaguchi, head choreographer for Kill Bill: Volume One, guides your hand.

Kyoto, Tailored for You

Your trip, your adventures. All of our journeys are fully customizable, allowing you the freedom to choose the experiences that speak to you – and change your mind at a moment’s notice.

 Learn how to make sushi

Learn how to make sushi

Arrive at the home of a local itamae (sushi chef) for an intimate overview of Japanese cuisine, followed by a hands-on lesson in preparing a traditional meal.
 Visit sacred temples and shrines

Visit sacred temples and shrines

With 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Kyoto has an abundance of quiet temples, gardens and colourful shrines, each a unique setting for wonder and contemplation.

 Dine with Geishas

Dine with Geishas

Experience the enigmatic charm of geishas, or geiko as they are called in Kyoto, during our private gala at a historic temple, featuring a musical performance from these skilled, elusive artisans.

 Chloe Thomas, Global Guest Services Manager

“We make the planning process as easy and simplified as possible. I’m your one-stop shop for anything and everything.”

— Chloe Thomas, Global Guest Services Manager

Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

Located near ancient temples as well as downtown Kyoto, this brand-new hotel is intimate and contemporary, blending modern Japanese sensibilities with traditional values and design.

  • Large room windows overlook the pond garden or Myoho-in Temple
  • The Hotel’s glass bridge leads to an intimate Tea House
  • Built around an 800-year-old ikeniwa (pond garden)
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