December 10 – 15, 2024


Our Private Jet Journey delivers you to Chile for an overnight stay in Punta Arenas, the gateway to Antarctica. The next day, when weather conditions are favourable, take a charter flight to King George Island and board a luxurious polar ship for an unforgettable expedition to the seventh continent.

Polar Ice Caps

Not to Be Missed

Ice caps in Antarctica

Set sail on a four-night Antarctic cruise

A state-of-the-art polar ship is your home base for exploring the enchanting Antarctic wilderness, where few travellers have gone before. While enjoying seamless Four Seasons service in one of the most remote locations on Earth, embark on daily excursions that bring you close to the wildlife and landscapes.

Antarctica, Tailored for You

All activities in Antarctica are weather dependent, so each day will offer different possibilities. The following is just a taste of the incredible experiences that could await you in this ultra-remote destination.

An Antarctic Fur Seal


In these untamed waters, come face-to-face with stadium-sized islands of ice, Weddell and leopard seals, and an extraordinary amount of birdlife, including skuas, cape petrels and three types of penguins—chinstrap, Adélie and Gentoo.

Kayaking through the Antarctic Peninsula


Choose from Zodiac and hiking excursions to experience the vast peninsula in all its rugged glory, from its iceberg-dotted bays and brilliant blue glaciers to its snow-blanketed landscapes.

The South Shetland Islands


Discover the triple peaks of Mount Foster, the spectacular collapsed caldera of Deception Island and the expedition lore of Elephant Island, keeping an eye out for the elephant seals and colonies of penguins that call this archipelago home.

 Anne K., Four Seasons Private Jet traveller

"It was the easiest trip we have ever taken, and the itinerary and service were off the charts."

— Anne K., Four Seasons Private Jet traveller

Our Exclusively Chartered Ship

For our four nights in Antarctica, we have chartered a private cruise ship that blends luxury design with cutting-edge polar expedition technology ideal for navigating the world’s most remote waters.


A luxury vessel to cruise the South of Antarctica
  • Suites boasting ocean views and private terraces
  • A restaurant, spa and two lounges
  • Menus overseen by our Four Seasons Executive Chef and excursions overseen by our On-Board Concierge