Mumbai is a complex city with both a vibrant, modern downtown and an ancient history. Who better to draw up a local guide than Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai’s in-the-know staff? Tailor your itinerary with their picks; then explore, retreat and repeat.

Our Executive Chef's Favourite Vegetarian Spot

– Anupam Gulati, Executive Chef

“I love Thakkar Bhojnalay, a traditional Gujarati Thali place with the most delicious vegetarian food. It’s hidden in a laneway and they don’t take reservations. Go with an empty stomach, because they keep feeding you until you’ve had enough. The menu changes daily and seasonally. In summer, try the aam ras (mango pulp), or in winter, dig into some undhiyu – a traditional Gujarati speciality made with beans, yams and sweet potatoes. Amazing!”

Our Beverage Manager Suggests a Spanish Cocktail

– Deepak Shettigar, Beverage Manager at AER Bar & Lounge

“For a little taste of Spain in Mumbai, I love going to Uno Mas in the Bandra-Kurla Complex. It’s a one-of-a-kind Spanish restaurant in a beautiful courtyard. The tapas are great, but the drink I go back for is the Nacional – dark and gold rum with apricot and fresh pineapple. It has all the soothing flavours of a hot toddy packed into a chilled cocktail. Go on a Friday evening for live music and flamenco performances.”

A Local Martial Arts Workout, Suggested by Our Spa Manager

– Dr. Nilesh Deshmukh, Spa Manager

“Want to stay active while connecting with local culture? Discover Kalaripayattu, a type of traditional martial arts from India’s Kerala region. Kalari helps to build strength, boost stamina, and balance body and mind. Our Four Seasons concierge team can help you find a walk-in class close by. It’s great for people of all ages. The basics can be learned in just three or four sessions.”

Where Our Director of Sales Cruises the Arabian Sea

– Neha Chowdhury, Director of Sales

“On weekends, I enjoy boating on the Arabian Sea. As you set forth on the open water, you can feel the thrill of the wind and you get incredible views of the city. Luxury boat operators at the Gateway of India offer a lot of water adventure activities like sailing, cruising and yachting.”

Where Our Director of Marketing Goes for a Night at the Theatre

– Stephanie Dsilva, Director of Marketing

“For a night on the town, I suggest the Prithvi Theatre, built by renowned actor Shashi Kapoor. Enjoy a great performance – whether in English or Hindi – then have a meal at the iconic Prithvi Café, a lush outdoor setting with bohemian lamps hanging from the trees. They have delicious parathas, biryani and samosas. Be sure to try the Sulaimani chai, an ambrosial sweet-sour drink made from black tea.”

Our Marketing & Communications Manager's Favourite Place to Shop

– Neha Nair, Marketing and Communications Manager

“No Borders Shop is every sartorialist’s dream come true. It’s located in the 200-year-old home of veteran Indian designer James Ferreira. You’ll find some of the coolest Indian and global fashion labels – with kaftans from Peru alongside a 1970s checkered CK skirt or an 80s Prada top – and even a small collection of art prints. There’s something for everyone who favours a bit of edgy vintage style.”

A image of the My Son ruins in The Nam Hai, Hoi An, Vietnam

Where Our Assistant Director of People & Culture Goes Exploring

– Nabeel Paloba, Assistant Director of People and Culture

“On my days off, I like to head out into the countryside. I really enjoy the 16th-century Vasai Fort – the site of a major historic battle between the Portuguese and the Marathas. Spread over 45 hectares (110 acres), this imposing site is now in ruin, but that makes it more interesting to explore. We can arrange a tour guide to share the history for you too!”