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Mixologists around the world are adding spicy twists to the classic margarita.

5 Spicy Margaritas to Try This Summer

While a refreshing cocktail is the perfect way to cool off on a hot day, these five spicy margaritas turn up the heat with local ingredients, unique flavours and trendy techniques.

Even seasoned travellers encounter surprising twists on everyday occurrences when visiting a new destination. In Spanish-speaking countries, you’ll hear people answering the phone not with hello but with bueno or diga, which means “speak.” Order a cup of coffee in Istanbul, and instead of a towering venti you’ll receive a tiny mug filled with the strongest brew you’ve ever tasted.

This season, as part of the ongoing #CocktailQuarterly initiative, Four Seasons is asking mixologists at hotels and resorts around the globe to introduce new, unexpected interpretations of one of the most classic of cocktails: the margarita. While some of these new recipes are sweet, we’ve handpicked the creations that heat up the ice-cold drink with a bit of spice.

Here’s a taste of what you can sip at participating hotels and resorts around the world through August 31.

Hualalai: Green Flash

Hualalai Green Flash

With a blend of jalapeños and coconut cream, the Green Flash is a spicy yet refreshing cocktail that reflects Hawaii’s unique scenery. Juliet Wilson, a bartender at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, found inspiration for the Green Flash margarita from the natural effect she sees from the Resort’s oceanfront locale every day.

“A green flash is an optical phenomenon when the sun hits the horizon that all of our guests try to witness each evening,” Wilson says. “Just as the green flash attracts everyone’s attention during sunset, this margarita is sure to be a hit.”


The margarita is concocted with local produce like basil, picked fresh from the Resort’s herb garden each day. And for the touch of heat? Add Hawaiian jalapeños, which Wilson picked especially for their depth of flavour.

Order the Green Flash from the menu at Beach Tree Bar and Lounge >

Denver: Strawberry Habañero Margarita

Denver Strawberry Habanero Margarita

Strawberries traditionally pair well with spice, especially jalapeño. But Beverage Manager Robert Davis, of Four Seasons Hotel Denver, selected the habañero pepper to add some extra heat to this cocktail.

“We decided to kick it up a notch.” – Robert Davis, Four Seasons Denver

“In the summer, we like to lighten it up with a seasonal fruit, so we chose strawberry,” he says. “Of course, we add a healthy dose of Patrón Silver.” The sweetness of the strawberries balances the heat of the pepper to deliver just the right flavour.

Order the Strawberry Habañero Margarita from the menu at EDGE >

Langkawi: Assam Java Margarita

Langkawi Assam java Margarita

The traditional flavours of Asian cuisine come together in this sweet yet spicy margarita, which features tamarind and chilli powder.

Shashi Kumar Pupalan, a bartender at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi, believes that the perfect cocktail menu includes signature drinks plus creative new aperitifs like the Assam Java Margarita. For him, the most important part of mixology is making sure a drink’s ingredients play well together to form a perfectly balanced cocktail.

“The distinguishing feature [of the Assam Java Margarita] is the flavour of tamarind, which makes a local twist to the margarita,” Pupalan says. The tamarind, which gives the cocktail a deep red colour, adds a sweet but tart flavour, and a rim of salt and chilli powder adds spice to each sip.

Order the Assam Java Margarita from the menu at Rhu Bar >

Jimbaran Bay: Chilli Maryrita

Jimbaran Bay Chilli Maryrita

Hailing from one of the driest regions in Bali, Aditya Surya, a bartender at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, has a fondness for light, refreshing cocktails – but also for spice.

“I love spicy food, and wanted to create Indonesian sambal-style heat in a drink.” — Aditya Surya, Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay

Take a sip of the Chilli Maryrita and you’ll be hit first with the heat of sambal, an Indonesian chilli sauce typically served with every meal. “It’s like sambal in a glass, yet it’s refreshing and perfect for Bali’s tropical weather,” says Surya, who adds vanilla syrup, passion fruit mix, rosemary and lemon juice to balance the spice.

Order the Chilli Maryrita from the menu at Terrace Bar and Lounge >

Baku: Smoked Blackberry Margarita

Baku: Smoked Blackberry Margarita

For the Smoked Blackberry Margarita, the idea of heat is more literal: The cocktail is smoked over cherry wood after the ingredients are mixed together. This gives the margarita an unexpected aroma and taste, with hints of sour, sage, sweetness and smoke.

“The cocktail was inspired by the beauty of the blackberry, the smell of smoke and a mysterious ambience.” – Samir Najafguliyev, Four Seasons Baku

Samir Najafguliyev, a bartender at Four Seasons Hotel Baku, created the cocktail using one of the area’s favourite fruits. It has a “refreshing taste of citrus, perfect for hot summer days in Baku,” says Najafguliyev.

Order the Smoked Blackberry Margarita from the menu at Bentley’s >

More margaritas, spicy and sweet

From July through August 31, try these crafty cocktails at other Four Seasons hotels and resorts around the world:

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