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From ropes courses in Hampshire to rock climbing in Langkawi, plenty of kid-friendly adventures await at Four Seasons hotels and resorts around the world.

Vacations for Kids: 11 Trips They’ll Never Forget

Kids’ clubs, family-friendly pools and opportunities to immerse in local culture make these hotels and resorts perfect destinations for family holidays.

The best vacations for kids are the ones that leave lasting impressions. Touring famous landmarks on the streets of cities like Paris and Hong Kong will loom large in a child’s memory for years to come. But so will the feeling of catching their first wave during a surfing lesson in Costa Rica, or the few words of Thai they learned to speak during a lesson in Chiang Mai.

Well-travelled families crave meaningful experiences like these at every point of their vacation, so Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts offer on-property family and kids’ activities that immerse guests in local culture.

Whether you’re headed to Boston, Seoul or the Serengeti, these kids’ activities will impress even the most experienced young jet-setter.

Nevis: Save the sea turtles

At Four Seasons Resort Nevis, Director of Recreation Mac Kee France plans activities that ensure guests of every generation can enjoy an authentic Caribbean experience. “We make sure that when each guest leaves, they feel a part of our Nevisian family,” he says.

The Resort introduces children to Nevisian culture with outdoor activities like kite making, dialect lessons, games and coconut treats – all while keeping an eye out for sea turtles, which nest along beaches between June and October.

Lcb 199 970x540

Youngsters can play a role in naming released sea turtles during Sea Turtle Conservancy Weekend.

What kids will love most: Visiting during Sea Turtle Conservancy Weekend in July, when they can participate in nightly turtle-tracking walks, catch-tag-and-release events and other sea turtle-themed activities.

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Boston: Get creative – inside and out – in Back Bay

Four Seasons Hotel One Dalton Street, Boston, turns this historic city into an urban playground. After a day spent exploring – the Children’s Museum, the Museum of Science and the New England Aquarium are all within easy reach – return to the Hotel for a swim in the light and bright indoor pool, high above the city. Not sure where to start your adventure? The Kid Concierge is on hand to arrange excursions and activities tailored to your child’s interests.

Sko 732 970x540

Set up a tent and bring the excitement of camping to your room.

What kids will love most: Kids will be delighted by the sweet treats awaiting them on arrival, along with child-size robes and more. They’ll actually look forward to bedtime when they see the in-room tent to help their imaginations go wild.

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Costa Rica: Catch the first wave

Discover pura vida at Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo. Children ages 4 to 12 can immerse themselves in nature as part of the Kids For All Seasons program, or explore as a family with a Papagayo Explorers excursion. As you hike, swim and play, be on the lookout for howler monkeys, iguanas, hermit crabs, military macaws and mangrove cuckoos. A sanctuary just for teens is staffed with a dedicated Concierge to help them choose from the numerous activities available.

A surfing instructor high fives a young girl on a surfboard

Kids can take lessons at the Resort’s surf school and learn to ride the waves like a pro.

What kids will love most: Catching their first wave. SurfX, the Resort’s own surf school, will help get young surfers ages 5 and up standing on a surfboard.

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Maui: Learn to play ulu maika

A peaceful Hawaiian location plus outstanding amenities lure many families into staying put at Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. At the Resort’s Kids For All Seasons program, kids ages 5 to 12 participate in Hawaiian traditions such as making leis, hunting for geckos and learning how to hula.

Maui kids club

Games like ulu maika – Hawaii’s version of bowling – are fun for kids and expose them to Hawaiian culture.

What kids will love most: The seemingly never-ending playtime – from the large game room and various balls to board games and complimentary beach activities, if kids like to play something in particular, the Resort likely has it.

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Langkawi: Go on a monkey safari

In addition to games, crafts and kids’ spa treatments, the Lutong Kids Club at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi includes fun and educational experiences like batik painting and kite making – plus kids yoga and eco-excursions designed for children ages 4 to 12.

Langkawi kids rock climbing

Fun reaches new heights in Langkawi with a rock-climbing adventure for young jungle explorers.

What kids will love most: Joining the Resort’s resident Swamp Skipper as he navigates  the boat through the mangroves in search of macaque monkeys and eagles on the Mangroves & Monkeys Safari. Mom and Dad can get in on the fun, too.

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Chiang Mai: Become a little master chef

The lush landscape of Northern Thailand is where sa paper (mulberry paper) comes from, and kids ages 4 to 12 can learn how to make it themselves in the La-On Club at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai. They’ll also explore the grounds, play games and learn to make traditional clay pots.

Chiang mai sa paper umbrella

Children can learn to make sa paper, which is used to create traditional paper umbrellas.

What kids will love most: Trying new flavours at Rim Tai Kitchen – a culinary class for the whole family will inspire you to re-create the northern Thai recipes together at home.

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Seoul: Swim in one of the coolest indoor pools

Kids will easily make themselves at home at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul – surprise them with an in-room tent for creative indoor camping, or spend an afternoon in the Kids For All Seasons Lounge. Your four-legged family members will be comfortable, too; available pet amenities include stylish beds, pet harnesses and a special meal just for your pup.

Seoul Juice Bar

The Juice Bar, steps from the pool, serves delicious smoothies and sandwiches to help you refuel after a day of swimming.

What kids will love most: Dressing in traditional hanbok clothing for Instagram-worthy pictures at nearby Gyeongbokgung Palace, one of the top attractions for families.

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Mauritius: Spin tunes on a tropical island

The giant banana-loving Aldabra tortoises and ocean activities at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita are draws for all, but children ages 4 to 9 flock to the Hobbit Village Kids’ Club to make dodo-bird cookies in the bakery and kites from local trees and plants. Karokan, the staffed young adults’ centre, provides a hang-out for ages 10 and older in addition to excursions like kite surfing lessons.

Mas 714 970x540

The Resort's chilled-out Karokan clubhouse gives hard-to-please teens and pre-teens their own place to unwind.

What kids will love most: The DJ booth where teens can create their own disco.

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Serengeti: Become a wildlife researcher

At the Kijana Klub (kijana means “youth” in Swahili) at Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, children learn about the culture and animals of Africa, including how researchers study wildlife with cameras around the Lodge. What passes by depends on seasonal migrations, but buffalo, lions, dik-diks, leopards, zebra and wildebeest are possibilities. Kids also can play board games or video games and do crafts.

Massai warrior kids club

During a morning spent with a Maasai warrior, kids hear African stories and learn how to make fire.

What kids will love most: Kids ages 6 and up can spend the morning with a Maasai warrior and learn skills such as how to make a toothbrush using tree twigs and how to use local plants for healing purposes.

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Doha: Get an authentic henna tattoo

Five pools border the private beach at Four Seasons Hotel Doha. The Hotel’s Kids For All Seasons program also offers educational experiences like treasure hunts and interactive activities for children ages 5 to 12, plus sports like beach football and golf.

Doha kids club beach

With kids’ programs designed for specific age groups, Four Seasons Hotel Doha promises excitement and fun during every stay.

What kids will love most: An Arabic henna hand-painting session, arranged by request.

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Florence: Create a piece of Italian art

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze showcases the city’s reputation as the birthplace of the Renaissance by enabling kids to explore their creative sides. Programming includes sessions for crafting Florentine souvenirs and sunset photography walks. These activities are best for kids ages 5 to 12.

Florence kids crafting

Kids can embrace their inner da Vinci with creative and artistic programmes, and will leave with handcrafted mementos of their time in Florence.

What kids will love most: Learning to paint a fresco beneath a canopy of centuries-old trees.

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