• Psychic medium Cyndi Tryon in black-and-white herringbone sweater
    March 27 – April 10

    Spiritual Consultation with Cyndi Tryon

    Cyndi Tryon is a world-renowned psychic medium, spiritual advisor and certified consulting hypnotist. Bridging the spiritual and physical world, Cyndi uses her intuitive abilities to provide poignant, life-changing insights. With clients around the globe, her high-demand practice has helped countless individuals gain clarity on personal, professional and spiritual matters and connect to a deeper, more meaningful life experience.
Individual Reading
Cyndi uses tarot cards for guidance while also communicating with her angels and guides to deliver a reading that spiritually connects with you and your path in life. She may also connect with loved ones that have crossed over, bringing special messages of love and healing. Working with wisdom and compassion, Cyndi offers guidance and unique insights to align you with your true purpose. 45 minutes – IDR 2,500,000
  • A mans back with as he experiences a cupping treatment with two cups down the middle of his back.
    July 6–31

    The Healing Hand With Rashdy Ahmad

    Rashdy was born into a family of healers; his father was a medicine man, his mother a traditional midwife and his grandfather practiced traditional cupping using buffalo horn. He studied under many traditional healers from a young age and started treating people at the age of 16. He holds sessions around the world and is affectionately and aptly known as “The Healing Hand.”
Cupping Ritual
Drawing on Malaysia’s ancient cultural influences combined with local coconut oil, cupping (bekam in Bahasa Indonesia) has been practiced locally for centuries to release stiff connective tissues, draw out toxins, reduce pain or inflammation and improve circulation. Suction marks may be visible on the skin for up to 10 days after your session. 60 minutes – IDR 2,300,000 90 minutes – IDR 3,100,000
Energy Healing
Rashdy uses Nur or spiritual power – an energy without a time frame or borders – that is inherent within all individuals. By placing his hand on the area requiring treatment, he draws on his intuitive skills as a Reiki master as well as his vibrational energy healing through Imara Reiki to resolve physical, mental and emotional blockages. 60 minutes – IDR 2,300,000 90 minutes – IDR 3,100,000
Therapeutic Healing Massage
In this unique treatment, Rashdy combines deep tissue massage and energy healing to manipulate the soft tissues within the body and resolve a range of musculoskeletal problems including pain and muscle spasms. Partly spiritual in nature, it also helps with psychological aspects: providing relaxation, improving confidence and reducing anxiety. 60 minutes – IDR 2,500,000 90 minutes – IDR 3,100,000
  • Debbie Frank, visiting astrologer
    July 25 – August 8

    Astrologer to the Stars With Debbie Frank

    One of the world’s preeminent astrologers, Debbie Frank is the resident expert for HELLO! magazine, a bestselling author and has a celebrity clientele which included the late Princess Diana. Her gentle approach and insightful talent enable her to open up clients’ life stories to reveal areas for ongoing work and self development using astrology, homeopathy, spiritual insights and meditation.
Your Soul Plan
Debbie interprets your soul plan from your birth chart (based on your time, date and place of birth). Discover how your soul was destined to grow, develop and evolve in this lifetime and who you were born to be. Find your true purpose and the meaning of what you’re experiencing at this time in your journey. By appointment daily. 75 minutes – IDR 4,700,000
Spark Of Relationship
Have you ever wondered why sparks fly between two people and what the relationship is meant to teach you both? Your physical, mental, emotional and psychic chemistry is encoded in your astrological charts. In this session, Debbie will help you discover why a certain person is in your life and the true connection between your two souls. The charts can be interpreted for just one partner or with both present. By appointment daily. 75 minutes – IDR 4,700,000
Where Are Your Hotspots In The World?
Is Bali your spiritual home? Are you magnetized to certain countries and repelled by others? Debbie will uncover the places that mean the most to you through placing your birth chart on a map of the world to reveal your energetic connections with cites, countries and continents. This is an add-on for those who have already explored their birth chart life plans with Debbie or who already have a knowledge of their birth chart. By appointment daily. 45 minutes – IDR 2,900,000

Prices and treatments are subject to change without notice. Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 11% government tax.