Nestled in the northwest corner of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake offers more than awe-inspiring views to take in. It has plenty of nearby gems to explore – from bars and shops to museums and ancient ruins. Who better to draw up a local guide than the Hotel’s in-the-know staff? Tailor your itinerary with their picks; then explore, retreat and repeat.


– Simon Li, Head Sommelier

“A great place where modern China meets vintage decor is MILL, a bar where you will find experienced mixologists with a passion for creating delicious cocktails. Located on the tree-lined Nanshan Road at nearby West Lake, MILL offers a VIP room filled with limited-edition whiskeys. I like to relax there with friends over my favourite drink called Gin Face.”

Painting of ballerina and partner


– Sisi Zhan, Guest Experience Manager

“When I’m off-duty, I love to go to exhibitions and plays at the monumental Art Center of Liangzhu, designed by the Japanese architect Tado Ando. Set in the northern outskirts of Hangzhou, Liangzhu boasts a gallery, library and theatre that are free to the public (except for special events). The Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City, dating back 5,300 years and inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage list, also makes the area worth visiting.”

Figure in black shirt with light maroon blazer holding seal engraving brush atop painted fabric

Where Our ASSISTANT PR DIRECTOR Connects to Tradition

– Cecilia Xu, Assistant Director of Public Relations

“Calligraphy and painting are regarded as important visual art forms in China. Traditional Chinese painting focuses not only on the skill of painting but also on cultivating one’s character and nurturing the soul. On weekends, I like to visit Heng Lu Art Museum to peruse the Chinese fine art exhibitions, which helps me stay connected to tradition and will definitely give you a better understanding of Chinese culture. I also recommend going to the China Academy of Art next door to see more modern, contemporary art.”

Tailor cutting patterned fabric with long scissors

A Dress Shop Find from our Concierge Manager

– Navy Zhu, Concierge Manager

“A shop at No. 38 Xiaohe Straight Street is one to check out if you’d like to take home a custom-made ‘cheongsam,’ an iconic fitted dress style that gained popularity among Chinese women in the 1920s. The shop is located in the 100-year-old historical and cultural block near the Grand Canal, the second UNSECO World Heritage Site in Hangzhou. The owner is a professional tailor with over 20 years’ experience in making cheongsam, and can design and fit a bespoke dress to exclusively suit each customer.”


– Miya Zhang, Assistant Director of Spa

“A day spent outdoors leaves me feeling calm and revitalized, so Su Causeway is my favourite place in Hangzhou to spend an afternoon. It is undoubtedly one of the most eco-friendly places in the city – no cars, no bicycles. I go there to meditate with the beautiful sunset. It is also the best place in the city for jogging. Just ask the Concierge for our jogging map before you head out.”