Experience the unforgettable charm of Asian elephants at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle as you learn about the lives of these gentle giants – and interact with them – in their natural jungle habitat.

Resort Highlights

More Elephant Experiences

Elephant Camp Dinner
Enjoy a candlelit, al-fresco dinner at the Elephant Camp, as traditional musicians play Thai folk songs to set a beautiful soundtrack to your experience. From THB 17,000++
Elephant Bathing
Join our elephants and mahouts at the morning bathing ritual, where you can observe these gentle giants as they enjoy their bath. Watch out for splashes from a mischievous elephant!
Additional Elephant Excursions
We’d be happy to arrange more elephant time, such as an excursion from a selection of three different routes.

We believe that every elephant deserves a life of dignity. Partnering with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, we’ve rescued and adopted more than 20 elephants from Thailand’s crowded city streets to help them lead happy lives in our jungle surroundings.

Our Philosophy

Meet Our Elephants

  • Yuki

    Named after the Japanese word for “snow,” our jet-setting friend didn’t cope well with the cold weather of Japan, where she lived for three years. Upon arrival in the Golden Triangle, she has brightened up quickly, keeping our mahouts on their toes with her mischievous streaks of snacking in our neighbour’s banana plantations.

  • Phuang Phet

    After living in the back of a truck while her owners sold sugar cane, this playful elephant now enjoys the never-ending supply of the sweet stalk – not to mention plenty of room to roam. With a sparkling personality, no wonder her name means “handful of diamonds” in Thai.

  • An elephant walking through a misty field

    Still bearing scars from her past, before a mahout rescued her away from a logging camp, this gentle creature embodies Buddhism, earning her the name that means “to make merit.”

  • Thong Kam

    We’re not entirely sure where Thong Kam was before she came to us eight years ago, but we know for certain that our playful friend likes nothing more than to spray guests with water while playing in the river. Be prepared to get wet!

Linda (Dah)
Fondly called Nong Dah (‘Nong’ meaning young) as she came to us at the tender age of 4, Linda spent her early years in Patpong and Silom in Bangkok, selling bananas and posing for photographs. Having grown up amidst concrete and traffic, we were not sure that she would adapt to the natural surroundings here. But Linda was quick to embrace the wilderness and is loving her new life, spending most of her time with her best friend, Pumpui.
Look Aot (Tadpole)
Look Aot is an elegant, spirited elephant from the eastern provinces and spent her early years as a logger until the practice was banned in 1989. Moving between trekking camps for a few years, she has worked many jobs and long hours, ferrying tourists up and down some steep and treacherous paths. These days, she is thrilled to have company while she plays and gets her exercise to stay healthy.
Poon Larp (Full of Luck)
We found Poon Larp on the streets of Central Thailand, after she had been laid-off by a trekking camp that was not able to make profit. She showed classic signs of abuse and stress, and was initially reluctant to interact with anyone, including other elephants. We worried that even after she recovered, she might never be comfortable with our guests. However, much to our surprise, Poon Larp has more than acclimatised and is now one of the happiest, most social elephants at the Camp. She absolutely loves to interact with guests, especially if they bring her a snack or two!
Pumpui (Chubby/Cute)
Pumpui has spent most of her early life on the streets of Pattaya as a tourist attraction. Shortly before her mahout, Suk, bought her in 2005, she had been hit by a car and lost the baby she was carrying. After coming to the Camp, Pumpui has recovered quite well from the trauma, but still remains wary of vehicle sounds. She has found an ele-friend in Linda, who is her constant companion.
  • Adoption Program

    Our guests have assisted in the adoption of more than 10 elephants from the streets, providing them food and veterinary care through a monthly membership. Donations through the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF) go directly to the welfare of adopted elephants, as Four Seasons Tented Camp at Golden Triangle covers all administration and logistical support. Please contact us to learn more about adoption opportunities.
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