Discover incredible things to do in the Golden Triangle area, then let our expert camp hosts tailor each experience to surpass your wildest expectations. Or tell us your private fantasy for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and allow our dream makers to create your own truly unforgettable experience.
  • A serene landscape at dawn with a soft, pinkish-orange sky. Elephants are grazing in a misty field, surrounded by tall trees, creating a peaceful and picturesque scene.

My Elephant & I

Did you know that elephants go through six sets of teeth in their lifetime, or that they don’t care for peanuts? Learn more about these gentle giants by keeping them company in their own natural habitat. After an introductory lesson on elephant etiquette and basic anatomy from our Camp Guide, watch them splash about in the pond, then observe bath time – a cherished daily ritual for elephants and their mahouts alike. You’ll soon notice that each pachyderm has its own distinct personality – some are mischievous, while others are nurturing. Time: 1.5 hours Price: THB 6,500 per guest Maximum number of guests: 6
  • An ornate white castle reflecting in a pond

Colours of Chiang Rai

Explore the vibrant culture of Chiang Rai through its most striking temples and sights. Accompanied by a private guide, visit the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun) the life’s work of renowned Thai painter-turned-architect Chalermchai Kositpipat;  the Blue Temple (Wat Rong Suea Ten), known as the “House of the Dancing Tiger” for its kaleidoscopic Buddhist imagery; and the Chinese Temple (Wat Huay Pla Kung), where a dragon flanked staircase leads to a nine-storey golden pagoda. Time: 45 minutes each at White Temple and Chinese Temple, 30 minutes at Blue Temple (total experience is approximately 5 hours, inclusive of travel time) Price: THB 12,000 for two guests (THB 6,000 per additional guest)
  • Man throws traditional Thai fishing net from boat into river during group activity

Fishing with a Local

Fishing techniques along the Mekong River are unique to the region, having developed indigenously over centuries. Our Fishing with a Local experience allows you to try fish trapping and bamboo fishing firsthand with a local from the region. Boating along the Ruak River, which straddles the border between Thailand and Myanmar, offers a unique insight into the local way of life. Time: Approximately 2 hours Price: THB 7,000 for two guests (THB 3,500 per additional guest)
  • Longtail boat passes animals on the shore of the Ruak river


Immerse into the local way of life and explore the cultural delights of the region, accompanied by our knowledgeable Camp Guide. Begin your excursion with a cruise down the Mekong River on-board a traditional, hand-made long-tail boat. Venture into the heart of the Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos merge and take in the spectacular views as the three countries meet around the Mekong’s formidable shores. Continue your adventure on land, taking in all the sights and sounds of the Golden Triangle, as you’re driven around the bustling streets like a local. Dive firsthand into the vernacular – hopping from songtaew (public van) to tuk-tuk – as you navigate the bustling streets and local fresh markets before escaping to the calm of the ancient temple, Chedi Luang. Our Camp Guide will accompany you throughout the excursion, weaving fascinating stories and interesting facts into the narrative. Time: Approximately 2 hours Price: THB 8,000 for two guests (THB 4,000 per additional guest)
  • Three cyclists ride down a rural road surrounded by lush greenery and golden fields, with mountains in the background and a small rustic hut to the side.

Countryside BICYCLE TOUR

Take in the natural beauty of Chiang Rai’s rural landscape. Ideal for cycling enthusiasts, this off-the-beaten-path guided excursion follows a paved but hilly trail that’s designed exclusively for you. The route takes you through lush green paddy fields, pineapple and rubber plantations, and a splendid teak forest. Spot local farmers as they go about their daily routines, then take a break at Bau Luang Lake, before heading back to our Camp. Time: Approximately 2–2.5 hours Price: THB 7,000 for two guests (THB 3,500 per additional guest)
  • The rolling hills of Wang Lao Trail, blue sky and fluffy white clouds

Wang Lao Hike

This two-hour hike starts with a short ride to the village of Wang Lao. Walk through the village observing the locals’ way of life and discovering northern hill architecture. A brief hike through the jungle, past terraced rice fields and pineapple plantations ends with panoramic views of the Golden Triangle below. Soak in the view before heading back on the trail, arriving at Sob Ruak through a bamboo tunnel. During the trek, our Camp Guide will point out various wild herbs and forest plants used by the locals as both medicine and food. Time: Approximately 2 hours Price: THB 7,000 for two guests (THB 3,500 per additional guest)
  • A basket filled with freshly picked tea leaves sits in a lush green tea plantation, with workers picking leaves in the background, creating a vibrant and lively scene.

Doi Mae Salong Chinese Village and Tea Plantation

Witness the unique way of life in a traditional Chinese village, whose residents have lived here for generations in the mountains of Northern Thailand. This Mandarin-speaking community has preserved its customs over centuries, and their special high-mountain oolong tea – perfectly suited to this high altitude – is especially famous. Your guide will reveal the fascinating political history of the region as you drive through the gorgeous mountain scenery. Time: Approximately 5 hours Price: THB 12,000 for two guests (THB 6,000 per additional guest)
  • Serene waterfall in the Thai jungle, green foliage, rocks

Huay Mark Liam Trail

This trail takes you through Huay Mark Liam National Park, winding past rugged bamboo forests and tea and agricultural plantations. Spend time at the gushing waterfall before continuing past the Ban Ja Jor, a Lahu hill-tribe village that lives in typical bamboo houses, and end at the perfect resting place to enjoy a picnic lunch. Time: Approximately 6–8 hours (1.5-hour scenic drive to starting point of hike) Price: THB 14,000 for two guests (THB 5,000 per additional guest)
  • A collection of small, brown clay piggy banks neatly arranged on wooden pallets, surrounded by larger pottery items in the background, creating a display of handcrafted ceramics.

Chiang Rai Kaleidoscope

An alternate perspective of Chiang Rai’s artistic heritage (besides vividly coloured temples), this itinerary includes other intriguing spots: Singha Park, where lush green takes centre stage and calls for a stroll through tropical gardens and rolling plantations while enjoying a cup of coffee; Baan Dam Museum (The Black House), the vision of one of Thailand’s most famous artists Thawan Duchanee with 40 black houses displaying his personal sculptural masterpieces and unusual collection of provocative artworks; and Doi Din Dang (“Red Clay Hill”) Pottery, a forest studio that showcases some of the region’s most skilled potters as they work the native red clay into impressive works of art. Time: approximately 5 hours Price: THB 12,000 for two guests (THB 6,000 per additional guest) Upgrade price (if Colours of Chiang Rai is booked): THB 5,500 for an additional 3 hours
  • Landscape of Tea Field with fog in morning in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Royal Legacy Tour

Explore the cottage industries that allow local communities to thrive independently, and watch as artisans sculpt pottery, weave cotton carpets and bags, create paper out of mulberry tree bark, and roast locally grown coffee beans. Proceed to Doi Tung Royal Villa, a symbol of the Princess Mother’s commitment to Chiang Rai. Stroll through the adjacent Mae Fah Luang Garden, a horticultural masterpiece with over 70 species of cool-climate flowers flourishing alongside native plants and trees. Time: Approximately 5–6 hours Price: THB 14,000 for two guests (THB 7,000 per additional guest)
  • Looking down at misty mountain range, tropical forest in low sun

Likhai Trail

Beginning at Akha village, this scenic hike cuts right through the terraced fields of Mae Chan and into the steep forested hills beyond. A challenging route which takes off alongside the Naglae waterfall, this is preferred by enthusiasts for the variety of landscapes traversed, and the stunning vistas it offers. Time: Approximately 4–6 hours Price: THB 13,000 for two guests (THB 5,000 per additional guest)

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