Marine Marvels

One of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World, Palau boasts 500,000 square kilometres (193,000 square miles) of protected marine territory – the largest percentage of any nation. Home to more than 340 emerald islands, an astonishing spectrum of ocean life and a 4,000-year-old-culture, it’s also a paradise for swimming, snorkelling, diving and even surfing.


  • Scuba diver swims underwater net to pool of fish

Diving in Palau


Snorkelling in Palau


  • A person rides a wave surfing

The local surfing community knows that their uncrowded breaks are one of Palau’s best-kept secrets. Seasonal waves on both the east and west coast reefs are boosted by adventurous “surfaris” to the country’s fringing islands during the winter months. With advance notice, surfing trips can be arranged aboard Four Seasons Explorer through Tropicsurf experts. (Please note that surfing fees are not included in standard accommodation rates.)


Guests who intend to dive during the cruise must complete the following online documentation. Our Reservations Team will be pleased to assist. DIVER MEDICAL/PARTICIPANT QUESTIONNAIRE STANDARD SAFE DIVING PRACTICES STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING RELEASE OF LIABILITY/ASSUMPTION OF RISK/NON-AGENCY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM